V Rising Quincey The Bandit King Location, Boss Fight

The following guide will help you find and defeat Quincey, the Bandit King in V Rising to unlock new powers....

The following guide will help you find and defeat Quincey, the Bandit King in V Rising to unlock new powers.

V Rising Quincey the Bandit King Location

Before fighting Quincey, you need to craft some explosives. Use the Alchemy Table to craft a Minor Explosives Box with x6 Sulphur, x6 Plank, and x3 Wheatstone. You can get the recipe by defeating Clive the Firestarter, a level 30 boss in the game.

Now use the Blood Altar to track down Quincey. You will find him to the north of Farbane Woods inside his Bandit Stronghold. Use the explosives you crafted to destroy the gate and enter the arena to take on Quincey, the Bandit King.

Recommended Level to Defeat Quincey the Bandit King

Quincey is a level 37 boss. You need to have the Merciless Nightstalker armor and Merciless Copper weapons to reach level 37 and have gear good enough to fight Quincey on equal terms.

Blood Rose Brew will a vital resource as the boss tends to be aggressive with his attacks. Blood Rose Brew will be used to heal yourself at regular intervals.


How to Defeat Quincey the Bandit King

Quincey will not be alone. He will be accompanied by two of his minions who you should take down first to solely focus on the main boss.

Quincey has a lot of powerful attacks. The first one being an Earthquake Slam which fractures the ground before causing an explosion. There will be a few seconds before the explosion happens, giving you enough time to move out of the way.

In his second attack, he will charge you in a straight line. This attack deals so much damage that it is possible for you to die in a single hit. Hence, move out of his charging path.

In another attack, Quincey will create a shield barrier that not only blocks your attacks but also reflects your projectiles. Make sure to not throw any projectiles while the shield is active because the reflected attack does loads of damage.

When you’ve managed to deplete the majority of his health bar, Quincey will become enraged. During this skill, he will charge you three times in a row for each attack. You must dodge all three attacks because if hit, you’re like going to perish.

What you can do is lead him towards a wall so that he charges into the wall to get stunned. Use this opportunity to deal as much damage as possible.

Quincey the Bandit King Boss Rewards

You will get the following rewards for defeating Quincey:

  • Chaos Barrier Ability
  • Merciless Charge Ability
  • Smithy Structure
  • Tailoring bench Structure
  • Iron Ingot Recipe
  • Iron Weapons Recipe
  • Hollowfang Battlegear Recipe

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