V Rising Lidia the Chaos Archer Location, Boss Fight

The following guide will help you track down and defeat Lidia, the Chaos Archer, in V Rising. V Rising Lidia,...

The following guide will help you track down and defeat Lidia, the Chaos Archer, in V Rising.

V Rising Lidia, the Chaos Archer Location

In V Rising, players usually get a Blood Altar to trace Blood bosses. To get the Blood Altar Blueprint, first, finish The Hunt quest. To make a Blood Altar, you’ll need to gather 180 Stones and 10 Blood Essence.

Lidia may usually be spotted wandering around Farbane Woods’ roads, with no fixed position.

To find her, head to the Blood Altar and follow the Blood Trail until you find her. You just need to follow her smell which will appear as a red trail.

Recommended Level to Defeat Lidia, the Chaos Archer

For starters, you need to have a gear level of at least 26 for this fight. Next, Nightstalker gear is always a fantastic option to keep in your inventory because you’ll need the extra ammo and safety when Lidia becomes hidden for a while.

Make sure you have plenty of Vermin Salves on hand for when your health starts to deteriorate. It also helps revive some of the lost health.

How to Defeat Lidia, the Chaos Archer

You need to keep an eye out when she does a Volley Attack. She will lay down a lot of Chaos Fire onto the ground which will inflict burn damage if you step on it.

She will do another attack named Chaos Arrows where she will kneel and shoots arrows in a straight line toward her target rapidly. She also has a passive ability where she will become invisible. You can still see and attack her while she is invisible, but it is a little bit hard.

She will use her arrows to target you from afar, delivering Splash Damage to you that can be lethal if you’re not watchful.

Beware that when she’s low on health, she’ll fire many AOEs at you, so you need to be swift during the last moments of the fight.

Lidia, the Chaos Archer Boss Rewards

You will acquire the Chaos Volley power after beating Lidia. You’ll also receive The Devourer, an item that lets you disassemble your gear.

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