How to Get Explosives in V Rising, Sulphur Farm Locations

To help you out with finding Sulphur in V Rising, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ll be showing you where to find Sulphur Ore in V Rising and how you can make explosives out of it.

How to Craft Explosives in V Rising

Sulphur is so important because it is needed to craft explosives in the game.

Build Furnace to Melt Sulphur

In order to craft explosives, you’ll require a Furnace close to your Castle to melt the Sulphur ore into a useable form. You can build a Furnace with x480 Stone and x60 Copper Ore.

Unlock Explosives Crafting Recipe and Build Alchemy Table

The next step would be to get the explosives crafting recipe. Then you’ll need a special crafting station known as the Alchemy Table.

The Alchemy Table is also unlocked after you defeat Clive the Firestarter, so you’ll likely have unlocked this crafting station already.

You can craft the Alchemy Table using x100 Blood Essence, x16 Planks, and x12 Sulphur.


Craft Explosives

After setting up your Alchemy Table in the Alchemy Lab, open it up and look at the recipes. The one you’re looking for is called the Minor Explosive Box. To craft one Minor Explosive Box, you’ll need x8 Sulphur, x8 Planks, and x4 Whetstone. Once you have the required materials put them into the input slot and craft the Minor Explosive Box.

To use this Minor Explosive Box for mining ores, all you need to do is place the box right next to the ore deposit and blow it up, allowing you to grab the raw ore from it.

Explosives will be your only way of farming these ores until later in the game when you kill the level 36 Ferocious Bear boss. When you kill this boss and unlock the bear form, you will gain the ability to perform a special attack that destroys ore deposits, allowing you to farm them without needing to use explosives.

Sulphur Farm Locations

In a survival game like V Rising, farming different resources is crucial for the gameplay. And one of the most important resources you need to learn how to farm in V Rising is Sulphur.

Some of the deposits of rock and ore in V Rising cannot be mined using regular tools; you need to blow them up using explosives. This is why Sulphur is an essential resource to have.

Once Sulphur Ore is in your inventory, you can smelt it in a Furnace to create Sulphur. And coincidentally, the best place to farm Sulphur in V Rising is the area where you battle Clive the Firestarter. After you take down Clive, scan every corner of the area and find loads of Sulphur Ore to farm.

Sulphur is present almost everywhere in V Rising in the form of Sulphur Ore. This ore has the appearance of a yellow stone. Once you find a Sulphur Ore deposit, you can simply whack it to get it in your inventory.

While sulphur deposits may be discovered in every zone in the game, they are most abundant in the Farbane Woods. You will find roughly 75 Sulphur Ore Veins in the Farbane Sulphur Ore Mines Locations. The most you will find will be in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry and Bandit Logging Camp area.

You will find 19 Sulphur Ore Veins in the Silverlight Hills Sulphur Ore Mines Locations. You will find most of them scattered around Harpy Nest and Brighhaven Suburbs.

We have attached a map to show the bulk of sulphur deposits in V Rising that you can farm in this area.

V Rising Sulphur Ore Locations

Farbane Sulphur Mines Locations

Starting with the Farbane Woods, you will find Sulphur Ore scattered all over the place. Below is the list covering most of the hotspots in the area.

  • x6 Sulphur Ore Veins in Bandit Sulphur Quarry.
  • x6 more Sulphur Ore Veins south of Gleaming Meadows.
  • x6 Sulphur Ore Veins south of Militia Camp.
  • x6 Sulphur Ore Veins near Bandit Encampment.
  • x9 Sulphur Ore Veins near Bandit Logging Camp
  • x6 Sulphur Ore Veins near Bandit Trapper Camp.
  • x6 Sulphur Ore Veins near Infested Graveyard.

Silverlight Hills Sulphur Mines Locations

Moving now to the Silverlight Hills, below is the list covering most of the hotspots in the area where you can find Sulphur ore.

  • x6 Sulphur Ore Veins just east of Harpy Nest.
  • x3 Sulphur Ore Veins near Army Outpost.
  • x6 Sulphur Ore Veins south of Brighhaven Suburbs.
  • x3 Sulphur Ore Veins west of Emberleaf Grove.

You should by now have plenty of Sulphur resource locations marked on the map to keep yourself busy with crafting everything that requires sulphur in V Rising.

How to Mine Sulphur

After you have discovered the Sulphur veins as mentioned above, you’ll simply have to destroy them. You can use a Copper Mace for this purpose. Simply hit Sulphur Ore with your weapon and it will give you the resource.

This is all it takes to mine a Sulphur Ore now you can use it to create Sulphur and explosives. You’ll need a Furnace near the castle heart to make Sulphur from Sulphur Ore. You’ll obtain one Sulphur by adding 20 Sulphur Ores to your furnace.