V Rising Vincent the Frostbringer Location, Boss Fight

Vincent, the Frostbringer, is one of the many bosses in V Rising. The following guide will help you find and...

Vincent, the Frostbringer, is one of the many bosses in V Rising. The following guide will help you find and defeat this boss for his useful rewards.

V Rising Vincent, the Frostbringer Location

All the V-Bloods (bosses) can be tracked by following their blood scent at the blood altar except for one i.e. Putrid Rat.

Vincent the Frostbringer generally can be found on the roads in Dunely Farmlands, starting from the Militia Encampment located northeast of the Haunted Iron Mine.

If he is not there, just follow the southern path, and you will eventually meet him. You must stay cautious as you might also encounter other V Blood Bosses namely Christina the Sun Priestess and Meredith the Bright Archer on the same roads where you are looking for the Frostbringer.

vincent the frostbringer location

Recommended Level to Defeat Vincent, the Frostbringer

Since Vincent is a level 40 boss, we would recommend your gear level should also be at least level 40 before fighting Vincent.

There are no special or specific gears to recommend for this fight, but it is advisable to bring an iron item. You are going to need some healing items too just in case your health goes down.

How to Defeat Vincent, the Frostbringer

Vincent’s entire focus revolves around Frost. One hit from him can freeze you, which puts you in serious danger. He also comes in with archer escorts. So you will need to take those archers down in the first go. Also, you will need to isolate the boss by bringing him down the road.

If you do not do that, you will end up fighting many other enemies like the vampire, Christian Jade. So it will get troublesome for you.

He moves quite slowly and predictably, so you can lead him around. His Frost barrier blocks the attack in front of him.

When His health drops by 50% or lower, he will activate his Tri-Veil of Frost charge. Also, he uses the Call of Winter ability to freeze everything nearby. But you do not have to worry because hi predictable moves and slow mobility give you ample time to dodge his frost attacks.

During the battle, you will have significant opportunities to heal yourself since Vincent is slow to react.

The fight might take a while, and Wolf can respawn nearby, but you can defeat him first before continuing the Boss Fight.

One more tip that could prove to be very helpful during the battle with Vincent the Frostbringer; Avoid hitting the frozen shield when you block with  it,  as it can freeze you. Make sure to pay attention to this. If you acquire the bone shield from the boss at the graveyard, you can keep Vincent occupied better, and he will not be able to keep up with your attacks.

If you successfully isolate Vincent, the fight will become easy. Mobility and defense are the key strategies to have in mind. His attacks are easy to avoid and make sure to hit him in between your dodges. You will easily be able to overcome this boss.

Vincent the Frostbringer Boss Rewards

You will get the following rewards:

  • Frost Barrier (a vampire power)
  • Veil of frost (a vampire power)
  • Prison Cell (it is a structure)
  • Reinforced Plank (a recipe)
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