V Rising Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Location, Boss Fight

Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror is another powerful boss that you’ll need to defeat in V Rising. The following guide will mark its location and highlight all you need to know to take it down.

V Rising Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Location

Finding Frostmaw is easy. All you need to do is to head towards the snowy corridors of the Hallowed Mountains, north of Sacred Mountains. You’ll find Frostmaw as you start descending the snowy corridors. You can reach the location faster with your horse.

Recommended Level to Defeat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror

Frostmaw is a level 56 boss and hence, does a terrifying amount of damage. You’ll need a gear level of around 56 to stand a chance. Anything more will only make the fight easier.

One good thing to do here is to join a clan and defeat the boss with your buddies. In case you are below level 56 and haven’t joined any clan, it’s strongly recommended to buff up your gear level.

Also, make sure to carry enough health supplies. This fight can be a long one if you’re fighting solo. You’ll need all the healing you can muster.

How to Defeat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror

After being spotted on the snowy roads of the Hallowed Mountains, you will be chased by Frostmaw. It will start throwing icy projectiles that do loads of damage. If you are under-leveled, you’ll likely die to these icy projectiles.

They also do splash damage. Hence, you not only have to dodge these spikes, but you also have to stay clear of their point of impact.

The best way to deal with Frostmaw is to attack from range. There is no point in entering his melee range.

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Boss Rewards

Following are the rewards that you’ll get after defeating Frostmaw:

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