V Rising Raziel the Shepherd Location, Boss Fight

The following guide will help track and take down Raziel the Shepherd Boss in V Rising. We will tell you the recommended gear to defeat him, how to defeat him, and what rewards he drops.

V Rising Raziel the Shepherd Location

Raziel is found in Dunley Monastery, located west of Dunley Farmlands. You will need to unlock the blood alter to track the boss down.

Recommended Level to Defeat Raziel the Shepherd

You need to be at least Level 60 to fight against Raziel the Shepherd. There is no armor recommended for this, and you just need to stack up on Holy resistance portions and increase Holy Resistance to at least 65.

When you enter the monastery, you will take constant holy damage, which will chip away your health slowly but surely.

To avoid that, you will use Holy portions and have high holy resistance, which will also help against the boss as well.

How to Defeat Raziel the Shepherd

You will have multiple encounters before reaching to Raziel, the Shepherd. Once you reach him, you can use your melee attacks or range, whichever suits your playstyle. You will just need to dodge Raziel’s AOE Spells as much as possible.

His spells are slow but are very hard-hitting if you are not careful. Most of his basic spells will track you, so you can just dodge them.

Since you will be stacking a lot on Holy Resistance, you can just tank all of his basic spells quite easily.

Raziel, the Shepherd Boss Rewards

After you have defeated Raziel, the Shepherd, he will drop,

  • Crimson Beam Vampire Power
  • Athenaeum
  • Recipe for Silver Resistance Potion and Corrupted Artefact

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