V Rising Mairwyn the Elementalist Location, Boss Fight

Mairwyn the Elementalist, is a dangerous spellcaster who can harness the power of nature in V Rising. The following guide...

Mairwyn the Elementalist, is a dangerous spellcaster who can harness the power of nature in V Rising. The following guide will tell you where to find Mairwyn the Elementalist and defeat her in V Rising.

V Rising Mairwyn the Elementalist Location

You can easily find Mairwyn in the Emberleaf Grove which is southwest of Silverlight hills. The location has been marked on the map below.

Recommended Gear to Defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist

Mairwyn is a level 64 boss in V Rising. You should hence have a gear level of around level 64 or above to make the fight easier to manage.

As for the gear itself, we recommend having the Bone Shield against the fire rings she will be throwing at you. The shield will allow you to spawn a bunch of skeletons to block the fire rings, leaving you safe and sound.

Since Mairwyn does a lot of projectile damage, you will mostly be dodging the entire time. Have a good long-ranged weapon for this fight because going melee will make it overly difficult.

How to Defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist

As already stated, Mairwyn is an elemental spellcaster. She will be throwing projectiles after projectiles, all of which you’ll have to dodge.

The projectiles will vary between elements, but some of them do enough damage to single-shot you if you’re under-leveled.

In addition to spamming fire attacks, she will also throw icy projectiles. It hence becomes adamant that you keep your distance from her. That will be the only way for you to dodge and survive all of the incoming projectiles.

For counterattack, we recommend that you use ranged attacks to inflict damage on her because you’ll already be dodging her attacks from distance.

If you’re going melee, it’s best to have a clan ready. You can use a couple of allies to distract her while you get in close to attack with your melee weapons.

How to unlock Crystal Lance

After defeating Mairwyn the Elementalist, you will unlock a spell called Crystal Lance. Crystal Lance allows you to cast frost bolts that shatter into mini bolts upon impact. The spell also freezes the area around the target.

You will also unlock the Imperial Thread recipe.

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