V Rising Solarus the Immaculate Location, Boss Fight

Solarus, the Immaculate, is a legendary paladin of the light and also the final boss of V Rising. He is...

Solarus, the Immaculate, is a legendary paladin of the light and also the final boss of V Rising. He is undoubtedly the strongest enemy you’ll face in the game. The following guide will tell you all there is to know about finding and defeating Solarus in V Rising.

V Rising Solarus the Immaculate Location

Solarus can be found inside the Fortress of Light which is east of Silverlight Hills. Since he resides inside the fortress, you can choose to trigger this encounter during the day without fearing sunlight. His exact location has been marked on the map below.

Recommended Level to Defeat Solarus the Immaculate

Solarus is a level 80 boss in V Rising. It goes without saying that you’ll have to muster the best gear possible in the game before taking on this fight. That being said, players have been able to defeat him with a gear level of 78.

You’re highly recommended to join a clan to have multiple allies with you during the fight. Solarus will still be a handful but becomes an even more difficult fight if you go in solo.

How to Defeat Solarus the Immaculate

Solarus, the Immaculate, has three phases. In the first phase, he uses three basic attacks. His first basic attack is a charged attack where he charges you to stun and deal damage.

During the charge, he will throw out two lines of sparks that deal damage over time. You can move out of the way of the charged attack and then position yourself at his back, between the lines of spark to dodge the follow-up attack.

His second basic attack shoots out a wave of sparks behind him that then fly toward you to deal damage over time. This will be difficult to dodge but you can cast a shield to absorb most of the damage.

His third and final basic attack sends out a rolling sword which then splits into two before returning to his hand. This is probably the easiest attack to dodge of the three.

When his health bar reaches 50 percent, Solarus will enter phase two of the fight. He will move to the center of the arena to summon an angel to fight alongside him which also has three basic attacks.

The angel firstly has a three-hit melee attack where she does two attacks in quick succession before winding a thrust attack. When you take her health down to 40 percent, she will start sending out a wave of sparks just like Solarus.

The only difference is that her sparks will be more in number. Combine that with Solarus, who will be summoning pillars of light around the arena, and get ready to see the arena become filled with sparks to the brim.

To survive phase two of the fight, you need to ignore the angel. This is because she will become immune and start healing herself when her health becomes low. Hence, focus on Solarus instead.

Bring him down to 10 percent health and he will become immune and make his way to the center of the arena once again to heal himself.

During this time, shift your focus to killing the angel. Also, make sure to stay away from Solarus during his immunity phase because he will use light attacks to deal heavy damage.

Killing the angel will end phase two. In phase three of the fight, Solarus will re-summon the angel as a fallen angel. He will use his rolling blade attack once again but this time, the two blades will further split into two more blades.

When Solarus is at 60 percent health he will use jump attacks to try to land on you. Get away from his landing spots because he will then follow with a strong slashing attack.

At 50 percent health, he uses pillars of light from phase two together with his retribution bullet hell move. Keep your focus on Solarus and keep ignoring the fallen angel.

You will now be shown a time limit. If you fail to kill Solarus during the given time, you’ll return to phase two of the fight and start over.

Solarus the Immaculate Boss Rewards

When you manage to defeat Solarus, you’ll receive a new power called Summon Fallen Angel which allows you to summon an angel to fight alongside you.

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