How to Make Scrolls in V Rising: Scroll Farm Locations

Learn how to farm Scrolls in V Rising and craft it by unlocking its crafting recipe and craft it using printing press.

If you’re having trouble finding Scrolls in V Rising and require a little help, we’ve got you covered with this guide where we’ll be showing you where to find and farm Scrolls in V Rising and what you need to do to craft them.

V Rising Scrolls Farm Locations

If you want to progress onto the next tier of technology, you need to farm a lot of Scrolls in V Rising. To discover this new technology, you’ll need to collect 75 Scrolls, so you need to know the best methods of farming Scrolls if you want to do this in the most efficient way possible.

Fortunately, finding Scrolls is not that difficult. These items are found all over the Farmlands region, in various locations.

You’ll stumble across Scrolls in many different human territories, including Militia Camps, Militia Encampments, Dawnbreak Village, and the Dunley Monastery.

However, your most fruitful source of Scrolls will be Dawnbreak Village and the Dunley Monastery.

You’ll encounter all kinds of enemies, chests, and breakable objects when you’re in these areas. To farm as many Scrolls as you can, you need to kill all of these enemies and loot every square inch of the area.


The Militia Camps and Encampments won’t produce as many Scrolls as the scrolls in the areas mentioned above, but they’re still worth looting. If you ambush these places at night, you’ll find all kinds of enemies inside, which have a chance of dropping Scrolls.

Aside from looting these areas, the next best way of farming Scrolls is to kill mobs that are level 35 and above. These enemies have a higher chance of dropping Scrolls than their low-level counterparts, so it’s good to focus on them only when raiding different places.

Scrolls Crafting Recipe

Raiding different areas and killing enemies isn’t the only way of farming Scrolls. You can actually create this item yourself by crafting, but you’ll first need to progress to the mid-way point in the game to do so.

You need to defeat a Level 56 V enemy known as “Frostmaw, the Mountain Terror,” located to the north of the Hallowed Grounds Sacred Mountains. And you’ll need to progress through quite a bit of the game before you become powerful enough to take down this boss.

Once you’ve defeated Frostmaw, you will discover the recipe for crafting Scrolls, which we have listed below.

How to Craft Scrolls

To be able to craft scrolls, first, you will need to get access to a higher tier of technology. Defeat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror to access the technology. Then, use 75 scrolls to unlock the technology.

Now, once you have the recipe for crafting Scrolls, you need to discover a new technology to be able to craft them. This technology is known as the Printing Press.

To discover the Printing Press, you will need to farm 75 Scrolls using the methods listed above in this guide.

After unlocking the Printing Press technology, place it in down in your castle and interact with it to open its menu. Put the required items in for the Scroll recipe and start crafting.

Each Scroll will take 15 seconds to craft, and you’ll need 12x Gem Dust and 4x Paper for each one. For your convenience, you can also craft Paper at the Printing Press. It will require the following items:

From here on out, you’ll be able to craft as many Scrolls as you need using the Printing Press!

What to Use Scrolls For

Scrolls are required to unlock the next tier of technology and research. You’ll need to collect a whopping 75 Scrolls to discover this new technology.

Upgrading the technology is essential as higher-tier technology results in better gears and weapons. So, if you plan to make your Vampire even stronger against some of the higher-leveled enemies in the game, farming and crafting Scrolls will be essential for you.