How to Craft Siege Golem Stone in V Rising

In V Rising, the Siege Golem is an ideal pick for raiding other players’ bases. Learn how to craft a Siege Golem Stone so that you can summon a Siege Golem. We will go over in detail how you can build everything you need to craft a siege golem stone in this guide.

How to Craft Siege Golem Stone in V Rising

In V Rising PvP, players have a variety of equipment in their arsenal, but the Siege Golem is your best bet for breaking through enemies’ stone walls.

The Siege Golem itself spawns from the Siege Golem Stone, a raiding item that is unlocked after beating Terah the Geomancer, a boss in V Rising. This boss can be found in the northwest region of Dunley Farmlands at a location known as Bedrock Pass.

Terah is a late-game boss who appears late in the game, so you’ll have to wait and progress a long way before you can obtain the Siege Golem Stone.

The recommended level for this boss is level 48, so it will undoubtedly take some time to rise through the ranks and fight her. When you do decide to take her on, bring your best fighting gear because she’s a tough opponent.

There is work to be done when it comes to crafting the Siege Golem Stone in V Rising. To begin, you’ll need the Siege Golem Stone Recipe and a Gem Cutting Table to craft the Siege Golem Stone.


Unlock Siege Golem Stone Recipe

The recipe for Siege Golem Stone is unlocked automatically when you defeat Terah the Geomancer, so you won’t have to go out of your way to get it. That’s a relief!

Here are the resources needed to craft the Siege Golem Stone from the recipe:

Now once you get hold of these, you next need to actually craft the Siege Golem Stone. For that, you’ll need a Gem Cutting Table.

Build Gem Cutting Table

Now that the Siege Golem Stone has been unlocked and the recipe has been acquired, the question is where to craft the Siege Golem and the answer is the Gem Cutting Table.

The Gem Cutting table, like the Siege Golem Stone recipe, doesn’t require you to do anything out of the box to unlock it. When you defeat Terah, it unlocks alongside the Siege Golem Stone.

Simply set up the Gem Cutting Table and you’re all set to craft the Siege Golem Stone.

Craft Siege Golem Stone

As far as crafting goes, bring the required items (Siege Golem Stone recipe) to the Gem Cutting Table and place them inside it. Over time, the table will transform them into the Siege Golem Stone.

Now here is an insider on what the Siege Golem Stone is capable of. For starters, it can be placed in any area free of an opponent. As you place it, it takes 2.5 minutes to get active.

When the Siege Golem Stone is active, interacting with it will transform you into a Siege Golem. Being a Siege Golem, you will be able to deal AoE damage with a Ground Smash, breach through enemies’ walls with a hit or two, and unlock a swinging attack that deals damage to opponents standing in its way.

All of these perks will last for 300 seconds (5 minutes), which is more than enough time to crush any base with the likes of Siege Golem on your side.

However, the catch is that as you enter the Siege Golem form your location will be exposed to each player in the PvP server. They’ll all come after you, so wrap things up fast.

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