How to Get Glass in V Rising

This detailed guide will explain How to Get Glass which is required to craft windows and bottles in V Rising.

V Rising has several types of items available in the game, and each of them has unique uses of its own. One of these is Glass which is required to craft windows and bottles for different uses. This guide will explain How to Get Glass in V Rising.

V Rising Glass Farm Locations

In V Rising, Glass is obtained by refining Quartz. Quartz is one of the harder-to-get materials in the game. Quartz will have to be harvested from Quartz nodes.

These nodes are located in Dunley Farmlands in the starting stages of the game. Only in the latter stage of the game can they be found in Cursed Forest and Silverlight Hills areas.

Below are the locations where you can find the Quartz Nodes in the Dunely Farmlands region.

Quartz can also be looted in different areas of Dunley Farmlands like Dawnbreak Village, Mosswick Village, and Dunley Monastery. The fastest method to obtain all this Quartz around Dunley Farmlands is by borrowing a horse for quick travel around all these locations and collecting as much Quartz as possible.

How to Craft Glass

To craft Glass in V Rising, you will need to follow these steps:

Build a Furnace

To be able to craft Glass from Quartz, you will need to obtain a Furnace which you can then place at your Castle. Building a furnace requires players to have first placed their Castle Heart and then ensure that they have 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore to build the furnace.

Unlock Glass Recipe

Next, you will need to defeat Christina the Sun Priestess to get the Glass Crafting Recipe. Christina, the Sun Priestess, is a Level 44 V Blood Carrier boss located in Dunley Farmlands. For your ease, we have a map image showing the location of Christina in V Rising.

Use Quartz to Craft Glass

Once you have obtained the recipe to craft Glass, head to the furnace in your Castle and use 20 Quartz to craft 1 glass. Glass can then be used to craft windows, glass bottles, and many other items.

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