V Rising Ungora The Spider Queen Location, Boss Fight

The following guide will show you how to find and defeat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising.

Ungora, the Spider Queen, waits for you in her cursed web-woven caverns. The following guide will show you how to find and defeat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising.

V Rising Ungora The Spider Queen Location

Ungora can be found in the center of the Cursed Forest. Make your way into the caves and you’ll find her inside.

While the exact location of the boss has been marked on the map below, you can also use your Blood Altar to track down Ungora.

Recommended Level To Defeat Ungora The Spider Queen

Ungora is a level 60 boss. She’s actually the lowest level boss in the region but still extremely deadly. You’ll need a gear level of at least 60 to stand a chance. Anything lower will have Ungora and her spiderlings feast on your corpse.

How To Defeat Ungora The Spider Queen

Before taking on Ungora, you’ll have to deal with her children. There will be spiders all over the cave to kill. Ungora too will summon spiderlings from time to time. You need to kill them first in order to fully focus on the main boss.


Take note that melee attacks are very useful against her as long as you can avoid her poisonous claws. She can also shoot poisonous green projectiles that you must dodge. Hence, if you’re attacking from rage, you’ll still need to be on your toes.

Furthermore, make sure to stay away from the magic circles. These are toxic and deal damage to anyone standing inside.

Ungora The Spider Queen Boss Rewards

After defeating the Spider Queen, you’ll be rewarded with the Flying Arachnid. This ability gives you the power to summon spiderlings that chase down enemies before exploding to deal magic damage in the entire area of impact. The explosion will also create toxic fumes to continue dealing damage to enemies inside.

Defeating Ungora will also reward you with the following recipes: Ghost Yarn, Silk, and Spiderling.

How To Farm Silk From Ungora The Spider Queen

Ungora’s spider caves are the best locations to farm silkworms in V Rising which are an important resource for crafting silk. You’ll find a lot of spider eggs in the entire spider nest area. Destroying these eggs has a chance to drop a silkworm. Collect as many silkworms as possible and take them back to your castle. Use them in the Loom to craft silk.

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