V Rising Goreswine The Ravager Location, Boss Fight

Goreswine, the Ravager, is a mad cultist who may as well be no longer human. The following guide will show you how to put an end to Goreswine in V Rising.

V Rising Goreswine The Ravager Location

Goreswine is located at the Infested Graveyard in the Farbane Woods. Consider riding your horse to cover more ground. Some players have also been able to find Goreswine near the Bandit Logging Camp. If the Infested Graveyard is empty, make your way to the Bandit Logging Camp.

It would be best if you used the Blood Altar to track down Goreswine. You’ll only have to follow a blood scent in the form of a red trail.

Recommended Level to Defeat Goreswine The Ravager

Goreswine is a level 27 boss. You’ll fare better if your gear level is around that threshold. Make sure to also have a lot of health potions for immediate healing.

You can increase your gear level for this fight by bringing along copper weapons (spear, mace, axe, or sword).


You can also craft the Nightstalker armor set to boost your overall rating. In addition, crafting a Blood Rose Ring will further better your chances of victory.

How to Defeat Goreswine The Ravager

If you’ve already dealt with Keely the Frost Archer, Goreswine the Ravager will be a tad familiar.

Goreswine primarily does poison damage. If hit, you’ll lose health over time. The boss can summon a poisonous explosions to spread toxins in an area.

You should be quick on your feet because you’ll have no choice but to move around the poisonous areas in the arena. Veil of Blood will come in handy here.

It is recommended to prefer long-range attacks over melee. Trying to get in close will carry a risk of getting poisoned. Hence, stay back a safe distance and launch your ranged attacks to take him down.

Note also that Goreswine will have skeletons which you should kill first or else they will become a hindrance during the fight.

It is recommended to take a Vermin ointment to recover your health.

Goreswine The Ravager Boss Rewards

Once you have defeated Goreswine, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Powers: Corpse Explosion, Bone Curtain
  • Recipes: Tomb, Summon Skeleton, and Ghoul

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