How to Get Ghost Yarn in V Rising

This guide will let you know how to get Ghost Yarn and the Ghost Yarn recipe in V rising.

V Rising requires players to farm ingredients and craft various items and gear to progress in the game and to deal with the rising difficulty of the enemies. This guide will let you know how to get Ghost Yarn, a valuable resource in V rising.

V Rising Ghost Yarn Farm Locations

Ghost Yarn is a valuable late-game resource in V Rising. There are only a few places in the entire game where you can farm Ghost Yarn for yourself.

The area where you can find and farm Ghost Yarn in V Rising is the Cursed Forest. The Cursed Forest can be found in the northern part of the map.

In the Cursed Forest, you need to look for Ancient Villages. There are two major Ancient Villages, one is to the east of the Cursed Forest and the other is to the west of the Cursed Forest. These Ancient Villages are the best place to look for Ghost Yarn.

When you get to any of the Ancient Village, start looting all the chests, and killing all the enemies so you can maximize your chances of getting Ghost Yarn. As you alternate between the two areas, you will have enough time for the items to respawn in the time that you loot the other village.

The likelihood of Ghost Yarn dropping isn’t particularly great, but if a player spends enough time raiding the Ancient Villages, they should be able to collect a significant amount of it.

How to Craft Ghost Yarn

If Farming Ghost Yarn is becoming too tedious for you, there is a way for players to craft their own Ghost Yarn. For this you need to get your hands on the recipe for Ghost Yarn.

Unlock Ghost Yarn Recipe and Loom

To get the recipe for Ghost Yarn, you need to defeat Ungora the Spider Queen. She is one of the toughest bosses of the game and is a level 60 V Blood Enemy. This means that you need to be prepared before you decide to go and fight her. That’s why battling her with friends is better than fighting her solo.

Ungora the Spider Queen can be found near the Ancient Village and is a tough fight for you to overcome. Defeating her grants you the Ghost Yarn recipe, allowing you to craft your own Ghost Yarn.

To get the recipe for Loom or Cotton Yarn and unlock it, you’re going to have to defeat Beatrice the Tailor. Beatrice the tailor can be tracked in the Blood Altar.

Build Loom

You must kill Beatrice in order to construct the Loom. Return to your castle and construct the Loom. The following things are required to construct a Loom:

The next stage is to make Ghost Yarn with Loom. To make the Ghost Yarn, you’ll need cotton yarn and a ghost mushroom.

Craft Ghost Yarn

Once the recipe of Ghost Yarn is obtained and the Loom has been built, players can go to their castle and begin crafting Ghost Yarn if they have the supplies. For one piece of Ghost Yarn, you need to get some ghost shrooms and other ingredients; details are mentioned below:

  • 4 Cotton Yarn
  • 8 Ghost Shrooms

The Cursed Forest is where you can get these things. It takes around 2 minutes to make one Ghost Yarn, which is rather simple and does not need a large number of things.

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