V Rising: How to Get Blood Essence

In this detailed guide, we will discuss everything about how to get all types of Blood Essence in V Rising as well as how to use them properly.

How Blood Essence Works in V Rising

Blood Essence is a key resource that you will need in your V Rising journey. You will need plenty of Blood Essence orbs in your inventory to survive in V Rising.

Blood Essence will power crafting tools like Sawmill and protect your Castle from decaying as well. It is the main item from many things in V Rising, like crafting and building pieces, so you should start collecting it from the very start of the game.

If you take damage, you will start losing blood, lowering your blood pool. To replenish your blood, you have to hunt down enemies and fill your blood pool.

The only thing you will need to be careful of if fighting a group of enemies is to make sure you take out all of them. Once you have taken out all of them then, you can start feeding on their blood, and no one will attack you.

Blood Essence Types

In V Rising, basically, there are three types of Blood Essence which are given below.

  • Blood Essence
  • Greater Blood Essence
  • Primal Blood Essence

All these types serve different purposes, and you will obtain them in different ways. You can also craft them in the Blood Press if you have the required items. Below we will tell you about all the types, their uses, and how you can get them as well.

How to Get Blood Essence

Getting Blood Essence is a pretty simple job in V Rising. You just have to take out all the enemies that come in your way to collect the Blood Essence.

Keep killing enemies and creatures in the fields and forest to gather a good amount of Blood Essence in your inventory.

There is no need to defeat dangerous enemies to collect the Blood Essence, as you can gather a good amount just by taking out normal enemies. You can also go to the Blood Press and put 4 rats in it to get the Blood Essence.

How to Use Blood Essence

Blood Essence is like a fuel of your Castle Heart, and you will be using the most amount of it till the very end. You will use the Blood Essence to power up all the devices in your Castle.

To do so, you just have to click the Heart Icon and move Blood Essence inside. This will stop and protect your Castle from attacks. You just have to supply Blood Castle Decay Essence to your Castle continuously, and you wouldn’t face any problems.

How to Get Greater Blood Essence

Now to get the Greater Blood Essence in V Rising, you have to take out stronger enemies. The enemies with level 20 or more have more chance of dropping the Greater Blood Essence.

You will need to take out many dangerous bosses as possible to get the Greater Blood Essence in v Rising. In Farbane Woods, to get the Greater Blood Essence, you have to go to its center and take out Tristan the Vampire Hunter boss.

Once you have taken out this boss, you can craft Greater Blood Essence at the Blood Press using 200 Blood Essence or 4 Unsullied Hearts.

How to Use Greater Blood Essence

Greater Blood Essence in V Rising is not a Castle fuel; instead, it is used as a building resource for unlocking the NPC servants and Servant Coffins. You can use NPC servants as your personal army in V Rising.

How to Get Primal Blood Essence

Primal Blood Essence in V Rising is considered the most difficult to get and useful Blood Essence. The only way available till now is crafting it at your Blood Press.

You can get the recipe for Primal Blood Essence by taking out Jade the Vampire Hunter in Dunley Farmlands. She is a level 62 boss that will be quite difficult to beat. After killing her, you will get the recipe for Primal Blood Essence.

To make Primal Blood Essence in Blood Press, you will need 12 Greater Blood Essence or 4 Exquisite Hearts.

How to Use Primal Blood Essence

It is considered a crucial resource for the late-game as nothing is currently known about it. It may be a necessary resource for some crucial missions in V Rising, so investing in it wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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