V Rising Beatrice the Tailor Location, Boss Fight

This guide will show you how to defeat Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising and unlock new recipes in the game.

Beatrice, the Tailor stands in your way when it comes to finding cotton, spinning cloth, and yarn. This guide will show you how to defeat Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising.

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor Location

Dawnbreak Village is home to Beatrice, the Tailor. You can use the Blood Altar to track her down as she keeps moving around. Beating this boss offers the player the ability to make fabric as well as the Loom, both of which are required to make cloth.

Beatrice, the Tailor is an old lady who prefers to avoid fighting and will attempt to run from you. That is not to say you will not face resistance. She is at the heart of a densely crowded neighborhood.

The enemies around you will cause you the most trouble in this fight. It’s also worth mentioning that if you let her, Beatrice will run indefinitely, and she won’t stop until one of you dies.

Recommended Level to Defeat Beatrice the Tailor

Beatrice is a level 38 boss but not a difficult one. The only worrying part about this encounter is the number of mobs around the boss. It is because of these mobs it is recommended that you should also be close to gear level 38 before attempting this boss fight.

To nail this boss fight, make sure that you have at least the third layer of armor. Furthermore, you should focus on taking escape or defensive spells if you find yourself besieged by hordes.

How to Defeat Beatrice the Tailor

Taking on Beatrice is not impossible, but it is challenging. This section of the guide will assist you in figuring out how to beat Beatrice.

If you have a few other vampires with you, you should concentrate on delivering as much damage to Beatrice as possible while keeping the other opponents off your back as much as possible. This way, you’ll be able to beat this old lady with ease.

However, if you’re in the mood of taking the fight all alone, then you should focus on wiping as many mobs as possible across the town.

Then do your best to keep Beatrice from running too far away. She’ll run until either you or she dies. Just stay on her tail and keep pummeling her until she dies.

Beatrice the Tailor Boss Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for defeating Beatrice, the Tailor:

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