How to Get Cotton Yarn in V Rising, Cotton Farm Locations

This guide explains the entire process of crafting yarn, and the raw materials you need to craft cotton yarn in V Rising.

V Rising is a vampire survival game, and like all survival games, you need to craft various items to get stronger and progress. One of the items you can craft is Cotton Yarn. This guide explains the entire process of crafting yarn and the raw materials you need to craft cotton yarn in V Rising.

As the name suggests, Cotton is the basic raw material that you need to spin yarn in V Rising.

V Rising Cotton Yarn Farm Locations

Cotton Yarn is one of the important items that you need in V Rising and you require Cotton yarn in high quantity to make powerful armor for yourself and repair them in the game. However, Cotton yarn is not so easy to come by in V Rising.

Unlike other resources, Cotton Yarn is not commonly found in chests and on NPCs around the world. You have a very slim chance of finding Cotton Yarn in random chests that you find in the world and in various settlements is so low, that it is not worth it trying to farm cotton yarn directly in the game.

The best option that you have to get a large quantity of Cotton Yarn fast and consistently is to craft your own cotton yarn.

How to Craft Cotton Yarn

Crafting Cotton yarn is the only viable strategy for players to get yarn in the game. You do need the yarn to craft high-level armors for better gear level and better chances of standing against the late-game powerful enemies.

The first step in your journey to make Cotton Yarn is to get the recipe for making Cotton yarn, and the recipe for the Loom, that you use to craft Cotton Yarn. Without these recipes, you do not have the option to craft any yarn for use.

Unlock Cotton Yarn Recipe and Loom

To get the recipe for Cotton Yarn, you need to defeat one of the bosses of the game, Beatrice the Tailor. Beatrice is one of the blood enemies you have to defeat in the game and when defeated, you get the recipes for Loom and Cotton Yarn from Beatrice.

Once you have the recipe and have collected sufficient cotton, you need to build yourself a Loom. This is the workstation where all of your Cotton Yarn will be crafted in the game.

V Rising Beatrice the Tailor Cotton Yarn Recipe

Building Loom

After you get the blueprints for the Loom, you would want to craft it as soon as possible so you can get down to business. For crafting your Loom, you would need 4x Wool threads, 20x Planks and 12 Copper Ingots.

To get the Wool Threads, simple explore the farmlands close to Beatrice’s location and you will find them lying around and in chests.

Crafting Cotton Yarn

Next, you need only cotton to craft your Cotton Yarns. For each yarn, you will need 20 cotton pieces, meaning that you need a lot of cotton to make lots of yarn. The main use for Cotton Yarn, which we currently know of, is to craft Eye of Twilight for progressing in the game.

After you have collected sufficient Cotton, you will start crafting Cotton Yarn from the Loom.

Cotton Farm Locations

Cotton can be found in V Rising at Cotton Farms. You can pick Cotton from the different cotton farms to get as much Cotton as possible. If you get lucky, you will also find Cotton Seeds when picking Cotton.

You can find many cotton farms in Dunley Farmlands, open for you to go and harvest Cotton to your heart’s content.

V Rising Cotton Farm Locations, Dunley Farmlands

Seeds appear as rare drops from the plant you are harvesting. So this means that there is a rare chance for you to get cotton seeds from the cotton plants.

Keep in mind that you will need to do a lot of farming before seeing your first cotton seed drop. Additionally, there is a chance that you will find the seeds in the buildings around the farms.

What seeds you get depends on the farm you are at, meaning that if you loot the buildings around cotton farms, you will have some chance of finding cotton seeds in the chests in these buildings.

Remember that the seeds you find will depend on the crops growing on the nearby farms. So, if you want to go looting houses, make sure that you do so in buildings near cotton farms instead of all farms.

Make sure to search the containers on the farms because there is a high chance of finding Cotton in bulk there. Moreover, make sure you have a weapon that does more vegetation damage, such as Iron Slasher or Iron Sword. That will help you save some time and effort.

How to Build Cotton Farms Using Cotton Seeds

While gathering cotton from the field is nice but you can’t spend your entire day doing that when there are enemies to kill. The most efficient way of getting cotton and cotton yarns once you have made some progress in the game is to build your own cotton farms.

To start growing your own cotton farm and making yarns, which makes the process of getting the cotton less tedious, you need to set up Grass Floors.

To get the ability to craft and place Grass Floors, you need to defeat Polora the Feywalker, and you will get the recipe for Grass Floors and Minor Garlic Resistance Potion.

Once you have crafted your Grass Floors, set them up as you want your farm to appear. You can only place them in clear fields around your Castle, so make sure you scout ahead before making plenty of Grass Floors and are unable to place them.

You would need 4 Blood Essence and 60 Plant Fibers to craft your Grass Floor.

Once you have crafted and placed your Grass Floors, you can plant your Cotton Seeds, or any type of seeds for that matter, in these Grass Floors and they will grow into plants for you to pick whenever you need them.

The cotton farms have a respawn time of around 15 minutes to get ready for harvesting in the game. This is ample time for you to plant seeds, do some other chores and go back and harvest the cotton.

How to Use Cotton Yarn

Cotton yarn is used to make several armor pieces, such as the Hollowfang set in V Rising. It is a fundamental component of making different items.

Cotton Yarn can be used to make the following items on the tailoring bench:

  • Hunter’s Cloak
  • Hollowfang Chestguard
  • Hollowfang Leggings
  • Hollowfang Boots
  • Hollowfang Gloves

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