How to Create Prison in V Rising

In V Rising, your Castle’s prison is a place where you can put humans as cattle for an endless supply of blood. This guide will cover complete details on how you can create prisons in V Rising and the bonuses it can offer you.

Requirements to Create Prison in V Rising

You can’t create Prison early on in the V Rising. It is more of a late-game thing once you have drained the blood of a lot of bosses.

However, the major requirement for the Prison system to work is unlocking the prison cells.  You can’t build a prison cell until you have killed Vincent the Frostbiter and drain his V Blood.

Vincent can be found in the Dunley Farmlands. Once you’ve defeated him, you will get the prison cell recipe. To build a prison cell and start taking advantage of the prison system in V Rising you will need x12 Iron Ingots.

Once you have this required amount of Iron Ingots you can start creating Prison in V Rising in the form of different prison cells. All these Prison Cells will form a big Prison together.

How to Unlock Prison Floor

Unlocking the matching prison floor is not an easy task to do. It is a late-game task that requires a lot of boss farming, luck, and schematics. What you can do is keep researching stuff at your Athenaeum till you get it.

Prison Bonuses

V Rising Prison can offer you a special type of damage resistant buff that will reduce the damage taken by prisoners by 25%. This will help you in decreasing the amount of blood loss.

But for that, you will need the Matching Floor. How you can get the matching floor in V Rising is already discussed above so you can check that.

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