V Rising Rufus the Foreman Location, Boss Fight

Rufus is the third boss in V Rising. The following guide will tell you all there is to know about locating and defeating Rufus in V Rising with ease.

V Rising Rufus the Foreman Location

You can find Rufus by making your way to the Bandit Logging Camp in the Farbane Woods. His exact location has been marked on the map below.

Recommended Level to Defeat Rufus the Foreman

You should have a gear level of at least level 20 to take on Rufus, the Foreman. If you need to increase your gear level to reach that threshold, you can craft the items mentioned below. Chances are you might go beyond level 20 which will only make this fight easier.

  • Copper Spear (requires 16 Copper each and 12 Planks)
  • Plated Boneguard Armor Set (requires 60 Animal Hide each)
  • Blood Rose Ring (requires 80 Plant Fiber, 30 Blood Rose, and one Bone Ring)

How to Defeat Rufus the Foreman

Like most bosses, Rufus will be surrounded by mobs. If you charge in recklessly, you’ll gain aggro and will then have to deal with Rufus and his troops. If you approach him with care, you can isolate him from his troops.

Like Grayson the Armorer, Rufus also loves to throw down traps once you come close. He will throw a net before rolling away. If you get caught in the net, Rufus will use his crossbow to deal damage.

Note that his crossbow does stagger damage, meaning that you will lose your mobility. You can either free yourself from the net by using any ability or break the stagger status by using Space Bar for quick movements.

You can use Veil of Blood to quickly move out of the way when he throws his net. You can also dodge his basic attacks the same way, which should be easy.

Rufus also has a Blood Rage effect that makes him and his troops deal increased damage. This is why you must make sure not to attract his troops during the fight.

To fight Rufus alone, you need to approach him from the bridge or from the back of the arena. Head straight for Rufus without attacking or alerting any of his troops.

Using the bridge is best because if done right, his troops will ignore you. It is important that you keep Rufus inside the same area while fighting, or else alert his troops to come join the right.

Rufus the Foreman Boss Rewards

The following items can be collected after defeating Rufus the Foreman in V Rising:

  • Powers: Blood Rage
  • Structures: Woodworking Bench
  • Recipes: Hunter’s Crossbow, Fishing Pole, Sculptured Wood, Painting Frame

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