V Rising Christina the Sun Priestess Location, Boss Fight

In Vardoran, the world of V Rising, powerful beings with Dracula’s blood prowl the land. These beings are called V Blood Bosses and they each hold something you want, Vampiric powers. In this V Rising guide, we’ll outline the location of the V Blood Boss Christina the Sun Priestess and let you know how to defeat her and obtain her power.

V Rising Christina the Sun Priestess Location

Christina, the Sun Priestess, can be found guarding the Dunley Farmlands’ main pathways.

V RIsing Christina the Sun Priestess Location

Christina will be wandering the road near our indicator. If you don’t find her exactly there, you can try locating her along her patrol route along this center road.

Recommended Level to Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess

We recommend facing Christina at around gear level 44. Generally, having Iron Weapons is also a good idea but anything over and above will make this a cake walk. Healing items are also good to have on hand in case stray mobs make things difficult.

How to Defeat Christina the Sun Priestess

Christina the Sun Priestess mainly utilizes ranged attacks and healing. She is also joined by two shield warriors patrolling with her.

Her main tactic involves throwing out AoE attacks from range and letting her shield pals do the work. Christina also uses a heal that will start recovering her HP.

For this fight, you’ll want to deal with her goons first and avoid bringing in any more mobs. After that, stay at a middling range and kite her AoE to move in for melee attacks.

When Christina heals, use this as an opportunity to attack her and deal more damage than she can heal back.

Try keeping this fight contained in one location, Christina will benefit if other enemies join in the fight.

Christina the Sun Priestess Boss Rewards


  • Empty Glass Bottle
  • Holy Resistance Potion
  • Glass
  • Blood Rose Potion

Vampire Power

  • Purgatory

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