V Rising Ferocious Bear Location, Boss Fight

This guide will help you find the Ferocious Bear V Blood Boss and let you know how to defeat it in V Rising.

V Rising features many ferocious V Blood Carriers and one of them is literally the Ferocious Bear. This guide will help you find and defeat the Ferocious Bear V Blood Boss in V Rising.

V Rising Ferocious Bear Location

Ferocious Bear is one of the V Blood bosses in the game. To find Ferocious Bear, you need to track the boss like all other V Blood enemies.

You need to interact with your Blood Altar and here, you can search for the Ferocious Bear and Blood Track it.

You will find the Ferocious Bear in the region of Farbane Woods. The area is in the east corner of the map, so depending on your Castle’s location, you might need to make a long journey to get to the Ferocious Bear.

Recommended Level to Defeat Ferocious Bear

Ferocious Bear is a level 36 enemy, so we recommend that you get your gear up to at least level 36 before you try fighting the boss.

Level 40 gear will provide you with a relatively easier time against the Ferocious Bear.

How to Defeat Ferocious Bear

Ferocious Bear is a tank that can absorb a lot of damage and has a large health pool, meaning that you need to be ready to deal a lot of damage to take down Ferocious Bear.

Ferocious Bear uses a lot of AoE attacks and all of these attacks are hard-hitting.

This makes Ferocious Bear a hard encounter for all melee players as you need to dodge away quick enough to avoid taking damage and this means you get smaller windows for attacking.

The best strategy to defeat the Ferocious Bear is to bring a friend with you with a ranged weapon.

What you do is that the player using ranged weapon will distract the Ferocious Bear from a distance, allowing the melee using player to continuously deal damage whilst remaining safe from the brutal attacks of the bear.

How to Unlock the Bear Form

The biggest reward you get for defeating Ferocious Bear is the powerful Bear Form. The Bear Form allows you to turn into a bear.

While you’re in the bear form, you get a bonus to your physical resistance and gain increased movement speed.

You also get improved health regeneration and you will even be able to break some of the objects that may have previously been a problem for you.

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