V Rising Grayson, the Armorer Location, Boss Fight

The following is a complete walkthrough on how to defeat Grayson, the Armorer in V Rising. The provided details should...

The following is a complete walkthrough on how to defeat Grayson, the Armorer in V Rising. The provided details should be more than enough to locate and defeat this boss in the game.

V Rising Grayson, the Armorer Location

Locating Grayson, the Armorer, in V Rising is rather a simple task. Just head for the Bandit Armory as shown on the map below. Make your way toward the back of the armory to find him.

Recommended Level to Defeat Grayson, the Armorer

The recommended gear level to fight Grayson is at least 27 but having a gear level of 30 will ensure an easier fight. Having a gear level of 30 also means that you’ll be able to immediately use the items you get from defeating Grayson.

You can increase your gear level by crafting the complete set of Nightstalker armor. The set requires 6 leather and 4 Coarse Thread per armor piece.

Also, get 16 Copper Ingots and 12 Planks apiece to level up by crafting copper weapons. Lastly, 8 Grave Dust and 40 Mourning Lily are required for a Gravedigger Ring to bring your gear level to near 30. Remember to keep enough Vermin Slaves in case you lose health while fighting.

How to Defeat Grayson, the Armorer

Grayson, the Armorer is a level 20 boss and is the fourth boss you’ll encounter while exploring Farbane Woods in V Rising. If you are already done with Keely the Frost Archer and the Errol the Stonebreaker, this fight will be fairly easy.

If you’re part of a clan, you can fight Grayson with your friends and family. If not, you can go in solo.

As soon as you spot Grayson, he’ll start attacking you without any delay. He’ll begin by throwing caltrops on the ground that you must avoid. If you do step on them to take damage, quickly use your Vermin Slave to heal.

Use axes, swords, or spears for this fight. Having fast weapons with good attack speed is recommended but not mandatory. If you’re fighting with a clan, you can equip one or two players with a mace to defeat Grayson in quick time.

Note that Grayson does strong melee attacks. He also throws down traps between his melee attacks that will hinder your mobility. Thankfully, you can just keep your distance or circle around so as not to step on those traps. Use Veil of Blood to quickly move out of the way.

Grayson the Armorer Boss Rewards

When you finally manage to defeat Grayson, the Armorer, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Powers: Crimson Aegis
  • Structures: Five-Finger Workboards, Long Boards, Assortment of Statues
  • Recipes: Whetstone
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