V Rising Octavian the Militia Captain Location, Boss Fight

Octavian, the Militia Captain is a Level 58 boss and is a hard-hitting melee brawler. The following guide will help you track and take down Octavian, the Militia Captain in V Rising.

V Rising Octavian the Militia Captain Location

Octavian is found in the Bastion of Dunley, north of the Dunley Farmlands. Like other blood bosses, you can track down Octavian through the Blood Altar and the trail will lead you right to his location.

There are mob groups all throughout the bastion of Dunley and inside of the boss room as well. You can finish that mob off without activating the boss easily.

There is minimal shade in the boss room so it is recommended to engage with him at nighttime.

Recommended Level to Defeat Octavian the Militia Captain

Octavian is a level 58 boss so ensuring that your character is also close to gear level 58 will mean you won’t have a hard time against the boss.

There are two things that are a must-have if you are going to have a good chance of defeating Octavian

  • You need to have some healing items equipped to face him head-on
  • You need a couple of healing and defensive spells to defend against his hard-hitting attacks and heal up the chance you get.

How to Defeat Octavian the Militia Captain

Distance is recommended for this one but, he can dash at you if you are not careful. Octavian uses a total of five types of attack.

Once you engage him, he will be mostly using two basic attacks at the start, one is an overhead strike that hits enemies in front of him and shoots out a rolling sword projectile. If you are hit by this projectile, you will be stunned.

The second basic attack he uses is a horizontal slash which hits in front of him knocking back and sends out four spinning swords that deal damage and does a knockback.

When the boss has lost a bit of HP, he will start summoning Militia Longbowman which will be an issue later on so dealing with them first is recommended.

He also Yells which does knockback damage and then does a follow-up attack by charging at you. If it hits you, it will deal a significant amount of damage.

Lastly, Octavian has an ultimate ability in which he will start spinning and throw spinning swords in all directions which deals massive damage. Running around is your best option rather than engaging him. He will use this ability multiple times so you have to be careful for this one as well.

Octavian the Militia Captain Boss Rewards

After you have defeated Octavian, the Militia Captain, he will drop the following loot

  • Mirror Strike which is a Vampire Power
  • Anvil Structure
  • Recipe for Dark Silver Ingot
  • Recipe for Dawnthorn Regalia
  • Recipe for Dark Silver Weapons

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