V Rising Tristan The Vampire Hunter Location, Boss Fight

Many of the V Rising bosses are located in aptly leveled regions> Few of these daunting foes stroll around open...

Many of the V Rising bosses are located in aptly leveled regions> Few of these daunting foes stroll around open large zones, which are treacherous for newer vampires. Tristan the Vampire Hunter is one of the most skilled and difficult bosses in the game. Roaming in all of the Farbane Woods and Dunley Farmlands, he has an extreme big strolling area.

V Rising Tristan the Vampire Hunter Location

As mentioned before, Tristan the Vampire can be found roaming around Eastern Boarder of Farbane and Dunley. You will need to do a couple of things in order to actually encounter this boss, just as you did to find Errol the Stonebreaker.

Since he is a roaming boss, you may want to use the Blood Altar to find Tristan. You can unlock the Blood Altar blueprint by completing the Hunt quest.

Interact with the Blood Altar in your castle to show all of the bosses of V Rising you haven’t defeated. You will see Tristan here. Simply click on the tracking option to start tracking Tristan, the Vampire Hunter. Now switch to your wolf form and follow his scent (a faint red trail) to where he is. Just to get an idea, where can he be found, this is one of the locations where you can encounter Tristan:

Recommended Level to Defeat Tristan The Vampire Hunter

Tristan is a level 46 boss, so it is likewise recommended to have a gear level of 46.

We recommend using the following gear while facing Tristan, the Vampire Hunter:

  • Iron weapons, preferably the Iron Axe because it allows you to use the X Strike ability which is useful as a ranged attack against Tristan.
  • Veil of Bones ability, which is important to quickly escape and maintain distance.
  • Crossbow, which is useful in ranged combat.
  • Chaos Valley ability, which is used to deal ticking damage to the boss without actually having to engage.
  • Lots of Healing Potions, which will always be important in any boss fight.

How to Defeat Tristan The Vampire Hunter

Tristan, the Vampire Hunter, is highly skilled in close-quarter combat. It would be unwise to engage him at his strengths, so it is recommended to use ranged attacks against this boss. It is also better to fight this boss at night because during the day you will constantly take damage from sunlight.

Tristan has a wide variety of attacks with his sword and can also make successive attacks, which is precisely why it makes him dangerous at close range.

He also wields a crossbow for long-ranged attacks. This attack can be dodged quite easily because the boss takes about 2 seconds to shoot, which allows you to escape.

He also has another type of attack in which he throws down explosives in V Rising. These explosives will take some time to detonate, and areas of impact will be shown with red markers before they detonate. Just stay clear of the areas of impact and you’ll be safe.

It is relatively easier to defeat Tristan with a clan of allies. You can take some vampires with crossbows and others with melee weapons. The boss would be distracted by the melee vampires, giving time for the others to use their long-range attacks to deal damage.

If, however, you wish to defeat this boss solo, you would need a slightly bigger skillset. As for the gear we mentioned previously, you can use that or any other similar gear to give yourself an edge over this boss.

You would have to be patient and your timings should be precise to dodge the boss’ attacks. Make use of whatever opportunity you get to deal damage, especially from long range, with the crossbow or the X-Strike ability as this boss is susceptible to long-ranged attacks.

You will also have a better chance to win against this boss while on a horse, allowing you to escape his attacks quickly and maintain distance whenever needed.

We also found out that if you can lure Tristan to an enemy like Golem, he will attack that enemy and in doing so, will receive some damage too. So this can serve as a cheese method as Tristan is a roaming boss in V rising.

Tristan The Vampire Hunter Rewards

As a reward for taking down Tristan, you will receive a Greater Blood Essence and the Blood Hunger ability which allows you to identify the blood type and quality of a target.

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