V Rising Leandra, the Shadow Priestess Location, Boss Fight

The following guide will help you find and defeat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess, in V Rising. The guide will also cover the recommended gear and the strategy for this encounter.

V Rising Leandra, the Shadow Priestess Location

Leandra resides in the Church of the Damned, located in the Northern Center of Dunley Farmlands. She is surrounded by Skeletons and Skeletons Bishops.

Take note that Leandra is a Necromancer (magic or black magic involving communication with the dead) and can summon more skeletons at her command.

Recommended Level to Defeat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

Leandra is a level 46 boss so make sure your character also has at least level 46 gear level so you don’t struggle in this fight.

She will be surrounded by mobs which you need to deal with. Hence, having a spell to do massive damage in a wide area is strongly recommended.

Leandra has some massive attacks of her own as well that can be defended by using any defensive spell. To survive and kill Leandra, you will need to use only iron weapons in this fight.


How to Defeat Leandra, the Shadow Priestess

Leandra should not be a difficult fight as long as you focus on her minions. Target her skeletal summons to open the way for you to get close to her.

Be wary of Leandra’s Spectral Assassin Attack where she sends out a ghostly projectile toward you.

Leandra’s other attack is the upgraded and luckily weaker form of the same Spectral Assassin that works by turning your screen black and sending out a group of ghosts to attack you.

You can dodge this attack with ease, but make sure to use the window of opportunity to attack back once her ghostly attack is over.

Leandra, the Shadow Priestess Boss Rewards

You will receive the following rewards for defeating Leandra:

  • Recipe – Skeleton Priest
  • Recipe – Scourge Pendant
  • Recipe – Scourgestone
  • Vampire Power – Spectral Assassin
  • Structure – Jewelcrafting Table

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