Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Weapons

In this guide we will cover 10 of the best weapons in BG3 that we come across during our journey. The list below is in no particular order...

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a huge variety of weapons of every type and each class. While most of the weapons in BG3 are generic copies with different names, some weapons are not unique but can be considered simply the best. These weapons range from sickles to staffs and swords to greatswords.

In this guide, we will cover 10 of the best weapons in BG3 that we come across during our journey through the Forgotten Realms. The list below is in no particular order. Let’s begin our journey to find the weapons that create bloodshed of such a magnitude that even puts all mind flayers to shame. 

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Adamantine Longsword

Type; Longsword 

Damage; 1D8+1 (single-handed/slashing). 1D10+1 (dual-handed/slashing) 

Proficiency Bonuses; Pommel Strike, Lacerate, Rush Attack 


Location; This rare longsword can only be crafted inside Grymforge at the location (X: -626, Y: 405) during the quest The Adamantine Forge. You will need two items to craft this legendary weapon, Longsword Mould (X: -609, Y:288) and Mithral Ore (X: -642, Y: 257).  

Once you have both items available, go to Adamantine Forge (X: -561, Y: 234) and combine both items to obtain Adamantine Longsword.

Pale Oak

Type; Quarterstaff 

Damage; 1D6 (single-handed/bludgeoning). 1D8 (dual-handed/bludgeoning) 

Proficiency Bonus; Topple, Faithwarden’s Vines 

Location; This magic staff can only be obtained by finishing the “Investigate Kagha’s Secret and Expose her” quest. You must avoid doing the “Find Halsin” quest before it, as killing the leaders of Goblin Camp will finish Kagha’s quest prematurely. Spare Kagha to receive one of the best weapons in BG3 as it not only allows you to conjure vines, but you can also traverse druidic vines without taking any damage.

Sickle of Boooal

Type; Sickle 

Damage; 2D4 (slashing) 

Proficiency Bonus; Lacerate 

Location; You can loot this sickle of a false god from a dead body at (X: -410, Y: 280) inside Festering Cove-Underdark. Sickle of Boooal can also be purchased from Pooldrip merchants inside the cove. This sickle provides bonus damage against already bleeding enemies. It is our favorite sickle category weapon in BG3.


Type; Longbow 

Damage; 1D8 (piercing) 

Proficiency Bonus; Hamstring Shot 

Location; This legendary weapon is a reward for completing the “Rescue the Grand Duke” quest in BG3. If you damage an enemy with the Joltshooter, it will grant you two additional shock charges for the next attacks.

Sword of Justice

Type; Greatsword 

Damage; 2D6+5 (slashing) 

Proficiency Bonus; Cleave, Pommel Strike, Lacerate 

Location; This amazing weapon in BG3 can be obtained by completing the side quest “Hunt the Devil”. To receive this quest, talk to Anders on the Risen Road inside a broken hut (X: 105, Y: 555). Whether you kill Karlach or Anders, you will get BG3 Sword of Justice in both cases.

Mourning Frost

Type; Quarterstaff 

Damage; 1D6 + 1D4 cold (single-handed/bludgeoning). 1D8 + 1D4 cold (dual-handed/bludgeoning) 

Proficiency Bonus; Ray of Frost, Topple 

Location; Mourning Frost can only be crafted by finding three items from the Underdark. These items include Icy metal, Icy Helve, and Icy Crystal. Defeat the spectator near BG3 Selunite Outpost waypoint (X: 127, Y: -240) to obtain Icy Helve. 

Next, go to the Sussur Tree in Dread Hollow underdark (X: -40, Y: -171) and loot Filro the Forgotten’s corpse to obtain Icy Crystal. Complete “Defeat Duergar Intruders” for Icy Metal and bring Nere’s head to Mycnoid sovereign (X: 76, Y: -98). Loot the pale corpse (X: 49, Y: -77) to obtain the final piece of the puzzle. This ultra-rare weapon can inflict a chill status on enemies once they are hurt with cold damage.

Blood of Lathander

Type; Mace 

Damage; 1D6+3 

Proficiency Bonus; Concussive Smash

Location; This weapon can be obtained by completing the “Find the Blood of Lathander” quest in Rosymorn Monastery (Creche Y’llek). Blood of Lathander casts holy light that blinds all undead for a certain period. However, this ability requires players to long rest for the next use. 

Another special ability of this weapon includes reviving the players and the allies with 2-10 HP once your HP is gone. This skill also needs a long rest to reset, making it one of the best weapons in BG3.

Intransigent Warhammer

Type; Warhammer 

Damage; 1D8 (single-handed/bludgeoning). 1D10 (dual-handed/bludgeoning) 

Proficiency Bonus; Backbreaker, Concussive Smash, Weakening Strike 

Location; This rare weapon is available inside a watertight chest at (X: -450, Y: -527) in the Ebonlake area of the Underdark. Once you kill an enemy with Intransigent Warhammer, it gains the ability to make the surrounding enemies prone.

Monster Slayer Glaive

Type; Glaive 

Damage; 1D10+1 (slashing) 

Proficiency Bonus; Brace, Rush Attack, Lacerate 

Location; This unique weapon is available from Roah Moonglow inside the Shattered Sanctum in BG3. This area is west of Druid Grove and in the northern corner of Goblin Camp (from where you rescue Halsin). Monster Slayer Glaive increases damage against monsters by 1D4 and increases jump radius by 1.5m.

Corrosive Flail

Type; Flail 

Damage; 1D8+1 (bludgeoning) 

Proficiency Bonus; Concussive Smash, Weakening Strike 

Location; This rare weapon can be purchased from Derreth Bonecloak in the Mycnoid Colony-Underdark area of BG3. Corrosive flail deals 5 damage to an enemy that somehow manages to avoid your attack, making it an extremely important weapon against enemies with higher AC. 

These are some of the best weapons in BG3 that will help you overcome most of the odds with a bit of luck in the mix.

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