How To Complete Helsik Ritual Puzzle In Baldur’s Gate 3

Want to enter the devil's abode in the Avernum? Be prepared to pay a hefty fee to Helsik and solve her unique puzzle.

Ever wished you could go to the nine hells? Baldur’s Gate 3 lets you do that by completing a puzzle, Helsik Ritual. If you follow Lae’zel’s companion quest and decide to free Prince Orpheus or make a deal with Raphael and now want to back out of it, you must visit the House of Hope to steal your contract and the Orphic Hammer. Unfortunately, to open the portal to the House of Hope, you need to complete a ritual with the help of Helsik.

Helsik Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Helsik is a diabolist who owns a shop named Devil’s Fee in the Northern area of the Lower City. This shop (X: -40, Y: -10) is directly North of the Lower City- Central Wall waypoint and can be accessed at any point during Act 3.

Make a deal with Helsik

Once you reach the Devil’s Fee shop, talk to Helsik who is standing behind the reception desk. Helsik is a follower of the God of Avarice, and she demands an outrageous amount to help you with entering the House of Hope.


You can pay 100 gold to Helsik multiple times to gather some valuable information.

Helsik knows about the secret entrance to Raphael’s domain and is currently in possession of the ingredients you need to open the portal. While talking to Helsik, you will get three choices.  

  • Helsik will ask for 20,000 Gold, which is an insane amount. Rich players can pay 20,000 Gold and Helsik will tell you where the portal is. She will also hand over all five items that you need. 
  • The next option is to try and intimidate Helsik. You can pass the intimidation check and have the price for the ritual and ingredients reduced to 10,000 Gold. This is still a steep price for a lot of players, but there is another option you can opt for. 
  • The third option requires you to barter with Helsik. You can offer Helsik an artefact from Raphael’s collection in exchange for an entry into the portal. For this, Helsik will help you get to the House of Hope for free.

The item you need to bring Helsik for a free pass to House of Hope is the Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength. These Gauntlets are hidden inside Raphael’s abode, and you can steal them on your way out.

Whatever method players choose to enter the House of Hope, they will still have to perform Helsik’s ritual to open the portal. Helsik will give you the items you need for the ritual, so you don’t have to find them. She will direct you to the portal, which is in her own room on the second floor of the Devil’s Fee.

Helsik’s Ritual Puzzle, How to Complete

After you either pay Helsik or promise to bring back the artefact she wants, she will give you a Ritual Pouch and a Grimoire. The pouch contains the items you need for the ritual, and you can read the grimoire to get clues about where to place the ritual items on the puzzle. The items for the Helsik ritual are. 

  • A Skull
  • A Diamond
  • The Coin of Mammon
  • Incense
  • Infernal Marble

Once you enter Helsik’s room, you will notice a pentagram drawn with blood on the floor. You need to be facing the desk in the middle of the room so that part of the pentagram is considered the north point. Check your inventory for the Ritual Pouch you obtained from Helsik and drop all the items in it on the ground. This allows you to move them easily around the pentagram and put them where they should be.

  1. Place the Skull on the northern star point.  
  2. Place the Coin of Mammon on the star point to the right of the Skull.
  3. Place the Diamond on the lower right star point of the pentagram.  
  4. The Incense goes on the lower left star point of the pentagram. 
  5. Lastly, place the Infernal Marble in the center of the pentagram itself.

Placing all the items in the correct places will complete Helsik’s ritual puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3. This will open the portal that will take players to the House of Hope.

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