Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Defeat Yurgir The Orthon

While completing the Kill Raphael's Old Enemy quest in Baldur's Gate 3, you will encounter a demanding boss, Yurgir the Orthon. Let us help you tackle this monster in various ways.

Yurgir, the Orthon, is a red demonic beast that you will encounter during Act 2 of BG3. At some point during Astarion’s companion quest, The Pale Elf, you will meet Raphael, the devil. He will ask you to find and kill Yurgir as the objective of the quest to Kill Rapheal’s Old Enemy.  

Yurgir is a very challenging boss fight in BG3, and he can annihilate you in an instant. However, there is more than one way to approach Yurgir, the Orthon. In this guide, we will briefly cover how you can change your mind and save Yurgir and various ways of defeating him if you want a steady relationship with Astarion.

Yurgir location in BG3

To find Yurgir, the Orthon, you must accept a quest known as Kill Rapheal’s Old Enemy during Act 2 of BG3. Meet the devil Raphael first near Last Light Inn and then outside the House of Hope. Make a deal with him to decipher Astarion’s scars. Raphael will only do it after you kill Yurgir for him. After that, you can then head inside the Thorm Mausoleum in BG3.

Once inside, head north past another puzzle and then go east from that place. You will find a displacer beast, Nessa, lurking inside; follow it without stealth, and soon enough, it will take you to Yurgir in BG3. However, you will be trapped on all sides as Yurgir will aim his crossbow at you along with his minions. You must decide whether to kill Yurgir or Save him in BG3.

How to save Yurgir

During your conversation, Yurgir will smell Rapheal’s scent on you, leading him to believe you are working with the devil, his enemy. This will enrage him. 

“He wants you dead,” and then proceed with choosing: 

“I’ve had dealings with that devil. Maybe we can help each other.” 

Now you can select the dialogue option “There may be something you missed. Let me search this place for you”. However, you will need to pass a persuasion check of DC16 to make Yurgir hand over his contract to you. 

This will start Break Yurgir’s Contract side quest. Go to the statue of Shar and use the Umbral Gem that you obtained from Trials of Shar, to use the platform as a lift. You can also jump down by using the Feather Fall spell, but this is not recommended at all. Search the area to find a book, One Become Many. Read this book to summon a rat. 

Defeat the rat and his brethren to face Lyrthindor, the dark justiciar. Defeating the rats is easy, but make sure to keep your distance as they explode upon death. The dark justiciar uses sleep spells a lot that you can easily counter. Once you kill him, Yurgir’s contract will be fulfilled, and your journal will be updated. Return to Yurgir and obtain his Umbral Gem peacefully. However, this will make both Astarion and Raphael angry, failing The Pale Elf companion quest.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Yurgir Boss guide

Yurgir, the Orthon, is a very imposing figure in BG3, and he is the true harbinger of destruction. Defeating him in head-to-head combat is a herculean task. However, there are two ways to kill Yurgir, and we will cover them both in detail.

Fighting Yurgir and his minions

If you want good loot, it is suggested that you confront Yurgir, the Orthon, and kill him in a physical confrontation. He will be accompanied by his minions and his displacer beast, Nessa. Instead of following the Displacer beast, turn right towards the broken path leading to the staircase. Jump towards it and then follow that path. 

On the upper level, you will pass the perception check, revealing the exact location of Yurgir and his Merregons in BG3. Instead of getting ambushed, you can position your party members behind the minions.

The displacer beast will be a hassle as it can duplicate itself. Since the enemies can overwhelm you with crossbow and axe attacks, you need to plan your move accordingly. 

Once you are done killing the surrounding foes, you can focus your attacks on taking down Yurgir. Since all the enemies are melee-based, the best plan you can come up with is to take him on even before the battle starts in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

You can do a sneak attack on Yurgir from behind if you position yourself correctly. This way, you will have a second chance to attack him again, which, if successful, will bring Yurgir’s life down by 40-50 points. Once the battle starts, Yurgir will use the Orthonic Handbombs at you, delivering fatal damage. Yurgir also tends to cloak his appearance and turn invisible during the fight. 

You can use spells such as Faerie Fire, Cloud of Daggers, Lightning Bolt, Moonbeam, etc., to make Yurgir appear and then carry out your attacks on him. Similarly, if you have also acquired Minthara’s Mace before this battle, you can use it to attack Yurgir and reveal his location. 

During the end of the fight, when Yurgir the Orthon senses that he is getting low on health, he will unleash a ton of Orthonic Handbombs at you. Avoid these at all costs because if one explodes, it will lead to a chain explosion. 

Keep the attack ongoing at Yurgir and his allies, and eventually, you will be able to kill them all and win this boss fight in BG3. This method will take its toll on you since you will confront many high-level enemies, such as the Displacer beast. Take your time dealing with these and focus your strong attacks on Yurgir.

Alternate Method: Make Yurgir kill himself

If you are not interested in taking the direct route and fighting Yurgir and his allies, you can work the smart way instead in BG3. That would be to persuade Yurgir to kill all his allies and convince him to kill himself. 

You must pass multiple persuasion checks with varying difficulties to achieve this feat. To turn Yurgir against his minion (Merregons), you will need to select the dialogue in which you tell him that his minions know the right terms of the contract and are hiding it from him. This is a DC16 check, and if you pass it, Yurgir will kill his Merregons. 

After dealing with the Merregons, you can focus on having Yurgir deal with the Displacer Beast next. For that, you will have to go through another persuasion check and roll out a dice number greater and equal to 21. Once you succeed, Yurgir will eliminate Nessa, the Displacer Beast, for you. 

Now that all of Yurgir’s allies have perished, you can finally shift your focus on him in BG3. You will have to pass the final persuasion check and roll out a number greater than 21 this time. Yurgir will kill himself if you are successful and end this boss fight for you. 

Remember that these persuasion checks will increase with each kill. If you fail in any of these, Yurgir will directly initiate the fight against you. 

This way is relatively more efficient and will also be quicker compared to fighting Yurgir head-on. You should follow this route to defeat Yurgir and his allies without hassle in BG3.

Yurgir rewards and loot

Once you defeat Yurgir and complete Rapheal’s quest, you can salvage the following items in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Infernal Metal 
  • Hellfire Hand Crossbow 
  • Umbral Gem 
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