Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Extra Reach Weapons

Extra Reach is one of the weapon properties in Baldur's Gate 3 you might have seen on weapons like Glaives,...

Extra Reach is one of the weapon properties in Baldur’s Gate 3 you might have seen on weapons like Glaives, Halberds, and Pikes. As the name suggests, Extra Reach weapons in BG3 allow you to hit enemies from farther away. However, that doesn’t mean these weapons are ranged weapons. They happen to have a longer melee range than others.

If glaives, halberds, or pikes are your preferred weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3, we have crafted a list of the best Extra Reach weapons you should try to get your hands on.

#1 Monster Slayer Glaive

Monster Slayer Glaive weapon can provide 1d10+1 Slashing damage to the enemies. It would be best to have Martial weapon proficiency before using this extra-reach weapon. With a +1 weapon enchantment, Monster Slayer Glaive has the Monster Slayer and Refined Vaulting weapon skills, allowing the weapon to deal additional 1d4 damage and increase the jump distance by 1.5 meters.

Monster Slayer Glaive is a rare weapon that can be obtained from the merchant Roah Moonglow, located in the Guildhall, while going through the Return Rakath’s Gold quest.

#2 Breaching Pikestaff

Out of the shrunk pool of Pikes, Breaching Pikestaff holds second place for the best Extra Reach weapon. This is a rare weapon in BG3 with two-handed property. Along with the 1d10+2 Piercing damage, Breaching Pikestaff can provide an additional +1D4 Force damage to the opponent.

To get your hands on this pike, you must visit the Sarcophagus located at Ancient Lair in the Lower City Sewers, where you find Mystic Carrion’s Brain. You must train yourself in Martial proficiency before you become eligible to use the Breaching Pikestaff.


#3 Sorrow

The next weapon on the list of best Extra Reach weapons is another Glaive. Like the Monster Slayer Glaive, the Sorrow Glaive also has 1d10+1 Slashing damage. Talking about the quality and proficiency of the Sorrow Glaive, they are also similar to the Monster Slayer.

The main difference is the Ensnaring Strike spell that you can only get from the Sorrow Glaive in BG3. This spell will help you capture and seize your enemies by summoning the small vines and eventually knocking them out.

Having a +1 Weapon Enchantment, Sorrow Glaive also has the Regret weapon skill, which helps the wielder take 1 Psychic damage upon dealing damage using this weapon. You can get the Sorrow Glaive from Rath in the hidden vault. You can either steal it, or you have to rescue Halsin to get It proudly from Rath as a reward.

#4 Light of Creation

The Extra Reach property covers up some Halberds as well. One of the best Halberds with Extra Reach is the Light of Creation, an uncommon Halberd. Light of Creation can provide 1d10+1 Slashing damage and the additional +1d6 Lightning damage.

Along with the +1 Weapon Enchantment, this Halberd can stun the wielder due to the overcharge ability. Additionally, this two-handed weapon has the Rush Attack, Lacerate, and Cleave weapon skills which allow it to off balance the enemy along with a large arc of swinging weapon damaging up to 3 enemies in a single go. To get Light of Creation, you have to pay a visit to Bernard at the Arcane Tower.

#5 The Skinburster

Moving to the next weapon on the list of best Extra Reach Weapons in BG3 is The Skinburster. This weapon also belongs to the Halberds class and provides a1d10+1 Slashing damage to the opponent. It is among the uncommon weapons in the game, and you can get the weapon by visiting the Creche Y’llek area. You must need to master Martial proficiency to use this weapon.

Along with the Extra Reach, The Skinburster possesses Two-handed weapon properties. Along with the Rush Attack, Lacerate, and Cleave weapon skill actions which enhance its lethality, it also has the Skinburster Force ability. You will be rewarded with 2 turns of Force Conduit if you deal damage using this two-handed Halberd.

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