Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Level 3 Spells For Each Class

The level 3 spells in Baldur's Gate 3 will require a specific slot of their own. Unlocking Level 3 Spells is a pretty big deal

You will find it confusing which Level 3 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 to choose for your spell caster class. You have limited slots, and the spells are way too good. Furthermore, there are only several spell slots you can use up.

As your build levels up, so does your spell level. Unlocking Level 3 Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a big deal as you meet new and harder enemies and unlock more content.

These level 3 spells require a specific slot of their own. It is known as the Level 3 Spell Slot. However, you must have an action to cast the spell.

Best Level 3 Spells for Bard

The Bard class usually takes up a support role in the party. This class in your party can provide you with buffs and even debuff your enemies. Bard has limited access to weapons, and it is the only class with access to musical instruments. These can be used to perform distractions on several occasions giving their party a cover.

Mass Healing Word Spell

This spell is a Restoration Spell available for the Bard and Cleric Classes. This spell will make your character utter a healing word, restoring hit points for a maximum of 6 allies. The radius of this spell is 18m.

Hypnotic Pattern

This is an illusion spell, and when cast, it creates a pattern of twisting colors and shapes, terrorizing and mesmerizing the enemies in an 18m radius. These enemies exposed to this illusion are immobilized and are unable to move or attack.


Feign Death

This spell comes in handy when one of your party members is badly injured and cannot fight yet still refuses to die. Casting this spell will put your ally in a protective coma where they will not take any damage except for Psychic Damage.


This spell is also an illusion spell. Casting this spell will project an image so fearful that your enemies will become petrified, dropping all their weapons and equipment. They will be unable to move with fear. This makes them easier to hit and eliminate.

Speak With Dead

This is a necromancy spell that the Bard can cast. It gives a chance to speak with the dead in Baldur’s Gate 3 and learn their secrets. You can only get 5 answers out of a dead person.

Best Level 3 Spells for Cleric

The Cleric Class is very good at taking up support and anti-undead roles. The Clerics are also partial spellcasters and have learned to channel their magic which they get from their deity.


This spell is extremely powerful, as it can resurrect your dead allies. You can choose to revive any of your dead party members through this spell back from the dead and into action once again.

Bestow Curse

This spell has many types of its own. The Light, Life, and Trickery Domain Clerics can wield different types of this spell. What it essentially does is give your hand a curse. Any creature you touch will get cursed and disadvantageous in saving throws, attacks, and checks. You rob your opponent of his actions and deal additional damage to him.

Remove Curse

This spell is also bestowed to the Light, Life, and Trickery Domain Clerics and is the exact opposite of the Bestow Curse spell. It is a buff you can give your allies in the form of removal of said curse. You will receive a healing hand, and the curse on an ally will be lifted when touched.

Spirit Guardians

Most of the subclasses of the Cleric Class have this spell. These subclasses include Life, Light, War, and Trickery Domain Clerics. Casting this spell, you call upon guardian spirits who protect you, deal additional Radiant or Necrotic Damage to the enemies, and decrease their movement speed to half.

Best Level 3 Spells for Druid

The Druid Class has a nature-focused magic spell list. They have spent their lives in the forest and can easily mingle with the ecosystem. Druids can even go so far as to transform themselves into animals completely. This class has limited access to weapons, making them rely on their magical prowess a lot more.

Plant Growth

This spell will make weeds sprout like summer and grow into a thick forest. The enemies caught inside will have their movement speed reduced to a quarter. This spell is available for all Druid Subclasses.


This spell has two variants, and both are of the same use. Essentially you will either enchant your equipment to shine like the sun, or you can summon a sphere of light that dismisses the darkness around you.

Gaseous Form

This spell will allow you to transform yourself into a gust of wind, making it impossible for enemies to hit you. This spell can also be used for fitting through impossible tiny spaces. However, while you are under the effect of this spell, you cannot cast any spells or attack an enemy. This spell is only available to the Circle of Spores Druid Subclass.

Hypnotic Pattern

This spell will cast glowing lights and different colors and shapes before enemies. This will immobilize them, making them unable to move, act or attack. This spell is only available to the Circle of Land Druid Subclass.

Best Level 3 Spells for Sorcerer

The Sorcerer class is a complete spell caster class which is to be expected. Sorcerers channel their magic into various forms and can produce several different spells. Here, we have concluded the best Level 3 Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 options in our opinion;

Grant Flight

You can cast this spell on yourself or an ally to gift them the power of flight. The character under the influence of this spell will be able to fly up above and gain height advantage amidst the battle. This spell will work great on ranged builds as they can rain down hellfire from above.

Lightning Bolt

This spell will give you the powers of Lightning to electrify and jolt your enemies. You can summon a similar thunderbolt and hurl it across the battlefield, zapping anyone caught in its line of fire.


This spell allows you to counter a Level 3 spell that can render it useless. It will cancel the effect of the spell cast against you. However, if the spell is above level 3, you must complete a Check to cancel it.

Call Lightning

This spell will allow you to summon an AoE attack as a thunderstrike. Any enemy caught in an 18m radius from you will get zapped and burnt to a crisp. This spell is extremely good at dealing with a group of enemies.

Best Level 3 Spells for Warlock

The Warlock class obtains its powers from a patron with whom they enter a pact. All of the Warlock subclasses have a unique patron and share two things in common. Firstly, they are outer dimensional beings. Secondly, all of them possess dark and demonic natures.


This spell allows you to become a fire bender at will and shoot a fireball in the shape of an AoE attack in a radius of 18m. The radius of the fireball itself is 6m, so it is very effective against hurled-up enemies.

Stinking Cloud

Although sounding a bit cliché, this spell is good at preventing your enemies from taking action. You can use this spell to cast a cloud. This cloud emanates a stink that your enemies will stun to use their actions. This spell is only available for The Fiend Warlock Subclass and build.

Gaseous Form

this spell allows you to turn yourself into a small cloud that can fit anywhere. You can use this spell to cross through tight spaces with ease and escape an undefeatable enemy.


You can use Counterspell to interrupt a Level 3 or higher spell. Casting this spell will negate any effects caused by the opponent’s Level 3 or higher spell.

Best Level 3 Spells for Wizards

The Wizard class consists of spell casters who have earned the right to wield magic via careful study over many years. The Wizard has access to their spell book in the game but can share many spells with other classes.


You can cast this spell on yourself or a party member. This spell will increase your build’s movement speed, making you difficult to hit. You will also gain extra action along with all of the Haste. This effect will be available for ten turns, and after it ends, your character bill becomes Lethargic. You must use this spell on your Fighter or Barbarian to maximize the damage output and finish the fight before the tenth turn starts.

Glyph of Warding

This spell also acts as an AoE attack. Your character inscribes a circle of Arcane Glyphs on the ground. If backed up into a corner, you can use this spell as a last resort. Alternatively, you can lay these glyphs down to create traps and control the battlefield. Any enemy who steps on these glyphs will instantly trigger the specific effect, as this spell also has variants.


This spell will bring the awesome power of fire and flame under your command. You can shoot out massive fireballs from your bare hands and burn enemies to a crisp. This fireball will explode on impact and spread burning damage in a 6m radius, razing anyone caught in its flame to the ground.


This spell will allow your wizard to counter a Level 3 Spell from the attacking party. You can completely stop or reverse the spell cast by the opponent party by casting this spell.

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