Baldur’s Gate 3 Unique Weapons Locations Guide

Unique or Very Rare weapons in Baldur's Gate 3 are some of the best ones you can use and we are here to give you their locations...

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to choose from a massive arsenal of weapons and armor to equip their characters in order to fight the Mindflayer threat. While there are plenty of decent weapons in the game, there are certain unique and high-quality weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 that stand out above the rest thanks to their special weapon enchantments and skills.

No, we are not talking about legendary weapons, although they are a class above everything. In this guide, we will be talking mainly about Baldur’s Gate 3 unique weapons that fall under the best loot items category and are provided as quest rewards or dropped from some special enemies.

Mourning Frost

Mourning Frost is a Two-Handed Melee Weapon. Its rarity is Very Rare and is crafted from three parts scattered in the Underdark.

Location: Mourning Frost in Baldur’s Gate 3 is crafted using 3 different parts in BG3. Icy Crystal is looted from Filro’s dead body near Sussur Tree, Icy Metal is in Myconid Colony after Spaw rewards you access to the vault, Icy Helve is looted from Dhourn’s body after you defeat the Spectator. Go west from the Selunite Outpost to find the Spectator.


  • 1d8 Bludgeoning
  • 1d4 Cold damage
  • +1 Heart of Ice
  • Insidious Cold
  • Ray of Frost
  • 1.5m range


Belm is a mighty scimitar that returns from the previous installment of Baldur’s Gate. It is wielded in a single hand, providing the wielder one extra attack per round. 


Location: Belm can be found inside Jaheira’s Hideout after the pin slot puzzle.


  • 1d6 slashing damage
  • Perfectly Balanced Strike.
  • 1.5m range


Blightbringer is a short bow that slows the target after doing a critical hit. It deals extra damage to Dwarves and Gnomes in BG3. It is a two-handed weapon.

Location: N/A


  • 1d6+2 Piercing damage
  • Blightbringer: Receives a 1d4 bonus attack and damage roll when attacking Gnomes and Dwarfs.
  • Prey Decelerator: Slows the target when it lands a critical hit.
  • 18m range

Halberd of Vigilance

The Halberd of Vigilance is a two-handed weapon that you can use to slash or stab your enemy.

Location: You can find the Halberd of Vigilance at Moonrise Towers in Shadow Cursed Lands. Defeat Lann Tarv during the assault on the Towers at the end of Act 2 and loot from the body.


  • 1d10+7 Slashing Damage
  • 1d4 Force Damage
  • Sentinel Weapon: Advantage on Perception ability check and receives a +1 Bonus to initiative rolls.
  • Adroit Reflexes: Attack rolling dice as a reaction will be at an advantage.

Incandescent Staff

A staff that lets you play with fire and smash your enemies with it.

Location: You can buy the staff from the Quartermaster at the Last Light Inn.


  • 1d8 (1d6) Bludgeoning Damage
  • Grants Fire Resistance
  • Evocation Cantrip: Firebolt
  • Evocation Spell: Fireball
  • Main Hand Action: Topple

Justiciar’s Scimitar

Justiciar’s Scimitar slashes through enemies without alerting them.

Location: In the Gauntlet of Shar, attack the rats in the first room of the dungeon. By doing so, Lythindor will appear, defeat him, and get the weapon.


  • 1d6+ 6 Slashing Damage
  • Shadow Blinding: There is a chance that your enemy is blinded when you attack with Advantage.
  • 1.5m Range.

Knife of The Undermountain King

It is one of the short swords in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Location: At the coordinates X:1384 and Y: -817 in Creche Y’llek, you will find A’jak’nir Jeera. You can buy the knife from him.


  • 1d6+5 Piercing
  • Organ Rearranger: You can reroll the dice if you roll a 2 or less so you can do more damage. Also rolling 19 grant Critical hits.
  • Shadow Blade: Gain advantage while fighting Lightly or Heavily obscured enemies.
  • 1.5m Range

Sword Of life Stealing

A Short sword that cripples the enemy by not letting them heal.

Location: You can easily purchase the weapon from Baldur’s Gate 3 Dammon merchant in the Last Light Inn.


  • 1d6 +2 slashing damage
  • Life Stealing Critical: On critical hits, the enemy takes extra 1-10 Necrotic Damage. If they are undead or a construct, they will not take any extra damage. You will also gain additional 10 hit points.

Hellfire Hand Crossbow

A crossbow that has the power to burn enemies.

Location: In Gauntlet of Shar, you can loot the Hellfire Hand Crossbow from Yugir. You can find Yugir at the coordinates X: -641 and Y: -749.

Arcane Absorption Dagger

Arcane Absorption dagger in BG3 is a very rare dagger with a leather grip embellished with jugs. The rotated knife exposes that the empty jug is slowly filling.


  • 1d+2 Force
  • Arcane Absorption: Regain one of the 1st-level spell slots you used after killing an enemy.
  • 1.5m range

Glaive +2

A glaive melee weapon that is used with two hands. When in the main hand inflicts Brace (Melee).


  • 1d10 +2 Slashing
  • 2.5m range

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