How To Get Mourning Frost In Baldur’s Gate 3

Mourning Frost is a dream come true for the spellcaster with ice builds in mind. However, collecting its components and crafting it is not that easy.

Mourning Frost is a rare and versatile Quarterstaff that you can craft during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. This staff is more than capable of turning any spellcaster into a powerful ice mage. The only catch in obtaining such a weapon is to craft it by finding its components.

In this guide, we will take you on an unforgettable journey to craft one of the best weapons for Gale build. With its decent bludgeoning damage, Mourning Frost can be used with a Monk build.


As of patch 6, the bug where you couldn’t craft the Mourning Frost is resolved.

Components to craft Mourning Frost in BG3

Mourning Frost can be crafted by combining three components. Icy Crystal, Icy Helve, and Icy Metal, all of which are available in the various parts of the Underdark.


Please follow the guide precisely as deviating from the objectives can lead you to lose out on this staff.

Icy Metal Location

The Icy Metal is the first item you should go for.  You can loot it from a Drow Corpse (X: 50, Y: -75) in the treasury of the Myconids.

Myconids are mushroom people living in the Central North area of the Underdark. Once you talk to them on friendly terms, they will telepathically invite you to meet their Sovereign, Spaw.

The Sovereign will give you a quest called Protect the Myconids Circle. In this quest, you must find and kill all the Duergar Intruders. When completed, return to the Sovereign, and he will open the door to the treasury from where you can loot this component.

Make sure that you don’t side with the Duergar or Glut. In both cases, you will be asked to kill Sovereign Spaw and miss Icy Metal altogether.

Icy Crystal Location

Travel to the Dread Hollow region of the Underdark. It is to the west of the Myconid colony, which you can access by entering through the Defiled Temple in the Goblin Camp. From there, travel North and towards the Sussur Tree Roots area (X: -50, Y: -150).

Filro the Forgotten has the Icy Crystal. He is protecting the Sussur Tree and is a level 5 loth-sworn Drow. He is evil and will not listen to anything, so negotiation is not an option. You must fight or steal the Icy Crystal from him using stealth.

If you take the non-violent path, ensure you have enough Dexterity so that Sleight of Hand can succeed. You can also choose the character with the highest Dexterity for this task. Use the Cat’s Grace spell to take more advantage in dexterity checks and Guidance to get a bonus in ability checks.

You must use the Potion of Invisibility to pickpocket him undetected. Now, you can move towards Filro. He will be located near the end of the root of the Sussur Tree, as shown in the map indicated by a straight arrow.

The place is full of Hook Horrors, which will attack you if they see you. With the potion of Invisibility, you can sneak past them without effort. Filro will be near a ledge at the end of this path. Steal the Icy Crystal from his inventory, then fast-travel to safety or sneak back.

If you plan to spill some blood to get Crystal, you can gear up and fight against Filro. His Hook Horrors will accompany him. This will be a brutal fight. Try to keep Filro far from the ledge because he might fall into the abyss and die, taking the items with him. You can also talk to his corpse with the Speak with the Dead spell to obtain some important information.

During the fight, defeat the Hook Horrors first and then beat Filro to loot Icy Crystal from his body.

Icy Helve Location

The Icy Helve is the most challenging part because you must take on a powerful enemy called the Spectator in BG3. This enemy (X: 115, Y: -250) can wipe you out in seconds if you are not careful. Besides that, the area is also dangerous, and exploding mushrooms can push you off the edge.

You must approach the Fort in the Underdark to get to the Icy Helve. Now get out of the fort and stand near the Northern gate of the fort. You will find a small path to your right, which you can jump on. Take this path and destroy the orange mushrooms until you find a few frozen Drows.

Now, you can take on the Spectator or kill the Drow Dhorun with the Icy Helve.

The Spectator will start to search around as soon as he is hit. You must avoid being detected and use sneak to avoid his vision. When Dhroun is killed, you can jump from the edge to the floor. After that, you can sneak toward the wall in front and jump up when the Spectator is not looking. You can then loot his corpse and get out of here.

If you want to kill the spectator and avoid sneaking around, you must gear up heavily. This is because he is a formidable enemy, and he revives the frozen Drows to aid him. You must avoid dealing damage to them and only kill the spectator.

This will be hard to pull off because they will also be moving around and dealing damage. Also, ensure that Dhroun doesn’t fall into the abyss. This is because he will take the Icy Helve with him, too.

After killing the spectator and freeing the Drows, you can talk to Dhroun and ask for the Icy Helve. If he doesn’t listen or the negotiations don’t go smoothly, you will have to kill all the Drows and Dhroun to get the Icy Helve.

How to craft Mourning Frost

Move all three components in the inventory of open party members. Now open their inventory and right-click on any of the three Icy items. Select the option “combine.” Two more empty slots will appear. Drag and drop the remaining Icy components into the empty slots and press the button “combine.” This will craft the Mourning Frost and place it inside the inventory of the person holding the components.

How good is Mourning Frost in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Mourning Frost is a powerful weapon for the mages in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can use this weapon on Gale if he has an ice build or equip it on your character if you are a mage or Sorcerer with an Ice build.

Mourning Frost deals 1d6 Bludgeoning damage with one hand and 1d8 Bludgeoning Damage with 2 hands. Other than that, this weapon has Heart of Cold passive. This allows you to deal an additional 1 ice damage to the enemies.

This weapon also has the Insidious Cold. This perk has a chance to impart Chilled on enemies when they get cold damage. Lastly, you get the Ray of Frost, which reduces movement by 3m.

If you use this staff to cast Hunger of Hadar, this will deal additional cold damage to the enemies on their starting turns. This weapon also pairs extremely well with you having Incandescent Staff in your inventory. It is a fire-based staff that can cast Fire Bolt and Fireball spells. This way, you can have the best of both worlds.

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