Baldur’s Gate 3: Deal With the Devil Quest And Choices

Accepting the deal with the devil in Baldur's Gate 3 is not an inspired choice as the devil cannot be trusted.

If you have heard the phrase Devil in Disguise, you will see its prime example in one character named Raphael. He first appears in Act 1 on the way to the Goblin Camp, where he offers you a chance to remove your tadpoles. He doesn’t give a cure but simply toys with you and sends you back. It won’t be until Act 3 when he offers you a deal in the form of the Deal with the Devil side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

But how should you deal with the devil, Raphael, and should you even do it? Raphael offers to remove the tadpole in your head, and in exchange, he wants the Crown of Karsus. He’ll even throw a bonus on top, should you accept. But every choice has consequences, and so does this one.

Deal with the Devil quest walkthrough

This is not the first time you will have to choose either to accept or reject Raphael’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3. Early on during Act 1, you will be approached by Raphael. He possesses a silver tongue and an unholy charm to it as well.

He offers you a chance to get rid of your tadpole. He also reveals he is a devil, albeit a lower-ranking one. You are given a choice to either accept or reject his offer. At this point in the story, your choice will have little consequence. But if you reject his offer and call him mad, some of your companions will approve of this decision.

In Act 2, he shows up again and offers you something interesting in return for a favor. However, this is a bit different since he wants you to kill an old enemy of his, another devil called Yurgir. If you have Astarion in your party, he will urge you to accept in exchange for information. If you accept and kill Yurgir, Astarion will get some information regarding the infernal markings on his back.

The real deal comes up in Act 3 when he again offers to remove the tadpole in your head. Once you reach the Lower City, go to Sharess’ Caress tavern. Talk to Raphael’s assistants on the first floor, and they will guide you to him. Talk to Raphael, he will offer you a deal, formally beginning Deal with the Devil side quest.

Should you accept, he will demand the Crown of Karsus in return once you defeat the Elder Brain. A powerful artifact that he will use to take over the nine hells and then Faerun. He will also offer the Orphic Hammer on the spot if you agree. You can use this weapon to free Prince Orpheus and gain a powerful ally.

Deal With the Devil’s Choices and Consequences

At this point, you get three choices. Either make a deal with the devil, refuse his offer, or say you will think about it. The first two choices have dire consequences that we must discuss in detail. However, if you try to stall, Raphael will tell you that he will wait in Sharess’ Caress if you change your mind.

Accept the Deal

If you choose to accept the devil’s deal, these are the benefits you will receive.

  1. Orphic Hammer
  2. A chance to cure the Illithid Parasite

However, as sweet as this deal may sound, the consequences will also be dire. Since the Devil Rapheal will task you with bringing him the Crown of Karsus, that will be controlling the Elder Brain. By now, you should know that this Devil means no good, so handing him something this powerful will mean devastating consequences in the future and a very bad ending.

You can’t break your contract as it means surrendering your soul to the devil for an eternity. However, you can still infiltrate his palace, The House of Hope, and steal your contract. Stealing the Soul-Sworn contract is not as easy as it sounds. It will require passing a lot of difficult checks as compared to stealing the Orphic Hammer.

Refuse the Deal

You can choose to reject the deal with the devil, and this is the best choice. You can find a cure for the tadpole problem by various means and even obtain the Orphic Hammer alone. Doing so will also give you a better arc, a better ending, and a chance to get one of THE most epic boss battles in the games.

How to get the Orphic Hammer without accepting Raphael’s offer

For that to happen, you must complete a quest known as the Gauntlet of Shar. Ensure you don’t kill a particular NPC character named Yurgir, as he will come in handy for you to get the Orphic Hammer.

If you don’t kill him, he will appear at camp and give you all the information on breaking into House of Hope. This way, you can sneak inside Rapheal’s house without alerting the Devil. Once inside, you can steal the Orphic Hammer in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Sparing Yurgir will make Astarion leave your party. We recommend you still kill Yurgir and complete House of Hope by following our detailed guide.

To enter House of Hope, travel to Devil’s Fee shop in Lower City. The shopkeeper, Helsik, will ask for 20,000 gold to help you invade Raphael’s House. Promise her Gauntlets of Giant Hill Strength, and she will give you the materials for free. Solve the Helsik Ritual puzzle to open a portal to the House of Hope. From there, Hope will guide you on how to steal Orphic Hammer and free her. While you are at it, also steal the gauntlets for Helsik.

The Devil will eventually know you stole the hammer from him since he has measures to alert him. You will then have to fight out of his abode, the House of Hope. Raphael will be waiting for you at the end and will be livid. Naturally, you will now have to defeat him to escape. This will be a tough fight, but the experience is worth it. If you spare Yurgir, he will join the fight against Raphael.

If you kill Raphael, you will escape with your life and soul intact and some sweet rewards.

How to Escape the Deal With The Devil in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you have chosen to accept Raphael’s deal and are looking to escape the deal, then there is a way. You must head to the House of Hope and steal the contract before Raphael discovers you will break the promise.

You can enter Raphael’s domain during the House of Hope quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, entering his room and stealing the contract is a challenge. Getting there is the easy part, but escaping with your life and soul will have you fight everyone inside the House of Hope, including Raphael himself. Due to the difficult nature, do not take on this quest until your party is fully leveled.


The Soul-Sworn contract can only be obtained by finding the passphrase. The document containing the passphrase is locked in a safe behind Raphael’s portrait in his room.

Should you accept Raphael’s deal in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The definitive answer to this question is NO. Making a deal with the devil is not worth it in the end. You don’t get any bonuses or items you can’t obtain otherwise. You can still get Orphic Hammer on your own, and Raphael won’t be able to cure the tadpole in your brain. Accepting Raphael’s deal will make the matters only more complex. You will need to steal your contract and must fight him still.

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