Baldur’s Gate 3 Underdark Entrance Locations Guide

The Underdark is one of the most pivotal locations in Baldur’s Gate 3 and plays an important role in concluding...

The Underdark is one of the most pivotal locations in Baldur’s Gate 3 and plays an important role in concluding the game’s first act. The area is a vast network of underground chasms and tunnels shrouded in darkness. The Underdark is a place with numerous riches waiting to be looted but it is also very dangerous.

You’ll need to enter this area for one reason or the other. As such, it’s important to know where are the locations to enter it.

Entering the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3 

Given the complex nature of the Underdark’s twisting and gnarly tunnels, there are several ways in which you can enter the area. There are a total of four areas that grant you access to the Underdark. It is important to know where to find these four areas. Surprisingly, all of these locations are found within or in close proximity to the Blighted Village in Baldur’s Gate 3. So you will not have to go very far.

Auntie Ethel Hag House / Gnarled Teahouse 

The first way to access the Underdark is by defeating Auntie Ethel in her quest line. The quest is titled “Deal with Auntie Ethel” and is found within the Blighted Village area of the map. Particularly its southern woodland zone. This is one of the hardest boss fights in the game and does require a fair amount of work. Stock up on healing items and play more defensively as Ethel has a fair amount of health.  

Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll be granted access to the Gnarled Teahouse. Head inside and through the fireplace once it cools down. Head down the wooden stairs and through the Gnarled Door that appears further down the path inside the Entrance Gallery. Next, look for a waterfall and jump through it onto a ledge on the opposite side.

For your next jump, you’ll have to use the Jump spell as your normal jump won’t get you through the gap. Use your Whispering Mask and transition through the wall to the other side. The green portal on this side of the wall will teleport you to Underdark. 


Alternatively, when you reach the bottom of the tunnel (where you’ll find Mayrina) you can simply drop down into the chasm, cast the feather fall spell to make sure you don’t take any fall damage and you’ll be at the entrance to the Underdark.  

Goblin Camp / Defiled Temple

For the next method, you’ll need to make your way to the Goblin Camp. The camp is located in the western part of the druid grove, past the Blighted Village. Here you can either convince the Goblins that you’re not a threat or you can defeat them. Completing either of these two will grant you access to the Shattered Sanctum. 

Make your way inside Shattered Sanctum through the giant oak doors. Pass through another oak door and then head upstairs using the stairs on the left. Head through the ornate door that is in front of you, a little to the right. You’ll enter a room with another ornate door. Head through the door to enter Defiled Temple.

Descend the stairs on your left, and then head through the archway on the left. You’ll find a lever on a wall on the left, near the beam of light showing through a crack in the roof. It’ll take you a couple of attempts to unlock the door.  

Try doing it with different party members. Eventually, the door will be unlocked, leading you to a ladder once you descend the stairs. Descend the ladder and keep moving forward till you come across another locked gate. Use the nearby lever to unlock it and be on your way again. You’ll find yourself in Underdark 

Whispering Depths

Baldur’s Gate 3 Whispering Depths are accessed through the well located in the middle of the Blighted Village’s central square. Simply head to the well, defeat the enemies present in the area, and go in. Once inside, head down the path while keeping to the right. There’ll be a passage a little to the left that’ll be blocked by a huge spider web.

This is where exactly where you need to be. Be careful though as the Spider Matriarch roams this area and is deadly. You’ll need to defeat the spider in order to move forward. We recommend destroying all her eggs and also primarily using fire spells as her webs are flammable.  

Once she’s defeated, cross the spider web, and start climbing down the rocks. Look out for a deep chasm with a lot of bats. Use Scroll of Feather Fall and jump down. You’ll be in Underdark in no time. 

Zhentarim Hideout

The last method to enter the Underdark involves going through the Zhentarim Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3. The hideout, which closely resembles a shed, can be found inside a town called Waukeen’s Rest which is located near the Risen Road.  

There are a couple of wooden boxes lying by the door. Enter the house and look for a hatch. Once you’re downstairs, make your way down the ladder again and through the hidden stairs. Head through two iron gates and then up the stairs onto a deck.

Cross the wooden bridge on the right. Look for a bear on the left. Move through the rocks on its left. The elevator on the left will take you down once you’ve activated its winch. 

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