How To Get Blood Of Lathander Mace in Baldur’s Gate 3

Time to go on an epic journey to solve some puzzles and obtain the best early-game legendary weapon, The Blood of Lathander in Baldur's Gate 3.

Blood of Lathander is a legendary mace in Baldur’s Gate 3, and it can be obtained after completing the Ceremonial Weapons puzzle. This mace is inside Rosymorn Monastery, which can be reached through the Mountain Pass area during your journey to Find Githyanki Creche in Act 1.

Once you reach Rosymorn Monastery, pass the wine cellar through the Northwestern hole in the wall. Drop down to the second floor and turn left until you reach a room (X: 74, Y: 72) with 4 tables and only 1 weapon (sword) present on one of the tables. Don’t remove the sword.

Interact with the stained glass to learn about the four Dawnmasters and their weapons. All the altars in front of stained glass have depressions where weapons can fit. You must solve this puzzle to obtain Dawnmaster’s crest and move one step closer to obtaining the ultimate prize, the Blood of Lathander mace.

How to obtain Dawnmaster’s Crest

Dawnmaster’s Crest is the most important item to obtain Blood of Lathander mace without bloodshed. If you try to obtain the mace without it, this will trigger the destruction of Githyanki Creche. You won’t be able to escape the explosion in time, leading to the death of your whole party. To find the Dawnmaster’s crest, you need to find the three remaining ceremonial weapons and place them on the altars in the correct order.

  • Ceremonial Battleaxe can be obtained by defeating a guardian enemy in a room at (X: 104, Y: 47). To enter the room, lockpick the door or destroy a broken cabinet near the window.
  • Ceremonial Warhammer is available on the roof (X: 80, Y: 44). Giant eagles guard this weapon, so be prepared for a difficult fight. To reach the roof, climb the knotted roots near the broken window. No matter the dialogue options you choose while talking to the eagles, you can only obtain this weapon by killing them.
  • Climb down the knotted roots to reach the outside of Rosymorn monastery until you find a grave at (X: 128, Y: -5). Dig the grave with the help of a shovel to find Rusty Mace.

Take all the weapons back to the ceremonial room and place them on their respective altars. You can get the clue from the picture on the stained glass (or you can simply try, as the game will not let you place the wrong weapons). Once all the weapons are placed, a secret chamber in the room will open. Interact with the pouch and open it to obtain Dawnmaster’s crest.

How to find and enter the Inquisitor’s Chamber

Travel down all the way to the bottom of the monastery until you reach a hall with a big statue. Interact with the statue to gain more knowledge about the creche. Keep going down until you find an entrance to Githyanki Creche. Let Lae’zel take the lead for a better chance of entering the area without bloodshed.


Once you are inside Captain’s Quarters and loot Gith Shard from her, a new quest, Find Blood of Lathnder, will be added to your journal.

Once inside Creche Y’llek, make your way to the captain’s quarters (X: 1403, Y: -766) in the eastern part of the Creche. Use the pickpocket skill to get a red gem from the captain’s pocket. Take this gem to the opposite side of the hall with a red barrier. Insert the gem, Gith shard, inside the pedestal to open the path to the Inquisitor’s Chamber.

The Statue Puzzle Solution

Once inside the Inquisitor’s chamber, you must solve a puzzle related to the statues. There are two statues in the room. One to the left and one to the right. Turn the left statue in a way that it faces North and the one on the right faces South. This will open a secret entrance inside the chamber.


If any of the statues are stuck, make sure to throw a bottle of oil or grease on it. This will loosen the statue, and you can move it again. You can also hit the statues with a blunt weapon.

Inside the secret chamber, you will come across another barrier. There are three glowing crystals that you need to destroy to open the path forward. The first crystal is right above your head in front of the barrier and can be destroyed easily with any ranged weapon.

The second crystal is at (X: 1116, Y: -795). You must go through an opening to the left and enter a tunnel to avoid triggering the alarms.

Drop down the ledge to find the third and final crystal at (X: 1113, Y: -770). Destroying all three crystals won’t deactivate the alarm system. It will only disable the barrier stopping your path. Make sure you skip the alarms by hugging the walls. Otherwise, the whole Creche will get offensive against you.

Collect Blood of Lathander mace in Baldur’s Gate 3

Climb up the stairs and interact with a panel on the altar. Once prompted, insert the Dawnmaster’s Crest into the panel slot. This will end the puzzle, and you will peacefully acquire the Blood of Lathander mace without a single casualty.

However, if you decide to acquire Blood of Lathander mace without using Dawnmaster’s crest, it will trigger a trap. This trap is set to blow up the whole Githyanki Creche Y’llek if anyone tries to steal this legendary mace. At this point, you have two options. Either run (which is futile as you can’t escape the area in time) or destroy the mechanism.

The latter part is easier said than done. To stop the mechanism, you must destroy Lathander machines that just pop up. All these machines are resistant to ranged attacks (especially Pierce). We recommend using powerful magic spells to destroy them before the timer runs out. However, this is not worth it. Simply find the Dawnmaster’s crest to avoid all this hassle and get Blood of Lathander Mace without any trouble in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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