How To Find Zhentarim Hideout In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Zhents are difficult to please in Baldur’s Gate 3, but we can help you achieve this difficult task.

One of the best-hidden places in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Zhentarim Hideout. This hideout is a stronghold of the recurring Zhentarim faction in the Baldur’s Gate series. The only way to find this hideout is purely by chance. If you mess with any prerequisites, the Zhentarim hideout location will never appear on your map.   

We have divided the whole sequence into segments to make things less irritating for our readers. This allows you to find Zhentarim’s hideout with ease and discover one of its finest secrets. 

Baldur’s Gate 3: Zhentarim Hideout location

Zhentarim Hideout can be found Northwest of Droid Grove. It is hidden behind Waukeen’s Rest (X: -64, Y: 567) on the Risen Road. From the Risen Road landmark location, follow the path North to reach Waukeen’s Rest.  

How to get Zhentarim Hideout Password for entry

On your way to Waukeen’s Rest, a group of travelers is hiding from Hyenas and Gnolls inside a cave. These fellas are Rugan and Olly. Make a save before you attempt to save them. Keeping them both alive is of the utmost importance to gaining the trust of the Zhentarim faction and completing the Find the Missing Shipment quest. 

After saving them, Rugan tells you the secret password to enter the Zhentarim Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3. This also marks the location of the hideout on your map. If you somehow mess up this sequence, you will need to find the entrance yourself. 

Upon reaching Waukeen’s Rest (one fire), turn left and go Northwest. A ragged-looking door in the area is barred with boxes (X: -126 Y: 610). Remove the boxes and enter the room. Talk to Salazon, who is hiding here, and roll mind-reading (10 or above) on him to learn the password (if you haven’t already). 

Upon learning that you have the password, Salazon will move away from the hatch and hand over the key to the players. Go down the hatch to reach a secret cellar. Use the key on the wardrobe in the cellar to open the door to the Zhentarim hideout. Upon following all the points religiously, you will be accepted by Zhentarim with open arms. 

Activities to do in Zhentarim hideout 

Below are the major activities you can do inside Zhentarim Hideout. If you arrive late or during Act 2, the hideout will be empty, as Zhents will leave it. You can meet them later during Act 3 in the Guildhall.

Trade with Brem 

There is a trader named Brem in Zhentarim’s hideout with a limited collection of wares. If you complete the Missing Shipment side quest, his inventory will be expanded a lot, and he will have good-quality items to sell, including studded leather and +1 armor. 

For this to happen, make sure you don’t open the shipment. Rugan or Olly needs to deliver it intact to Brem. 

Find the missing shipment side quest 

In case you miss Rugan and Ollie, Zarys in the hideout will tell you to find the Missing Shipment so Zhents can leave this area before the enforcers crack down on them in search of the Missing Duke. Head to the abovementioned location and fight the gnolls to save the men guarding the shipment. Talk to Olly and Rugan, and they will go back to the hideout.

Free the artist side quest

There is an enslaved artist present in Zhentarim’s hideout, Oskar. You can purchase him from Brem for 1000 gold (600 only if you manage to persuade him by a successful roll) as part of Free the Artist quest in BG3.


You can also intimidate Brem to free Oskar free of cost

Talk to Oskar when free; he will ask for an additional 200 gold. We recommend giving him the gold as he will be available later during Act 3 with his quest. 

Beware of Zhentarim Hideout Traps 

A couple of treasure chests are inside the Zhentarim hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3. All of them are rigged to explode. Make sure to disable the traps before you try to lockpick these chests.

One of these chests contains a piece of Infernal Iron that you can use to fix Karlach’s Infernal Heart. The other treasure chest contains 650 gold that you can loot. However, this will make the whole Zhentarim Hideout hostile. 

There is a button inside the hideout that will arm all the traps. Touching a trap will result in a massive explosion, effectively destroying the hideout. 

Zhentarim Hideout elevator location to enter the Underdark 

There is a secret entrance to Underdark from the Zhentarim hideout in BG3. Explore the hideout to find a false wall at (X: 270 Y: -186). It is very easy to find due to the perception check from the party members. Behind the wall is an elevator, but it needs a key to be functional. 


You can also talk to the wolves using Speak with the Animal spell to locate the false wall.  

The key is in the possession of a guard named Karad. He is accompanied by a wolf, which makes it a bit difficult to pickpocket him. Alternatively, you can kill him at the risk of turning the whole hideout hostile. Once you have the key, use the elevator to reach Underdark. You can now travel to the Underdark fast from now on. However, if any guard detects you while using the elevator, the whole Zhentarim hideout will turn against you. 

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