Baldur’s Gate 3 Merchants Locations Guide

Merchants in Baldur's Gate 3 allow you to offload all the junk and gear you have picked up so this guide will provide their locations for you

Trading is extremely important in Baldur’s Gate 3. For you to be successfully engaged in trading, it’s absolutely essential to know Baldur’s Gate 3 Merchants’ Locations and understand the trading system, including the way of bartering.

This guide will answer some extremely important questions, including where to find the merchants. Whether to trade for currency or to barter? and finally, can you steal from the merchants? (Looking at you rogues!)

Baldur’s Gate 3 Merchants Locations

Merchants can be found throughout the map with most of them located at Druid Grove. Following are the locations of all the known merchants in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Arron: The First Merchant you will encounter in Druid Grove. He has a couple of unique items in stock.

Mattis: Located at Druid Grove. Sells an assortment of random items ranging from rings to a potato.

Dammon: Another trader from Druid Grove, mainly sells a large variety of weapons.


Brem: Located in Zhentarim Hideout, this human merchant has a few tools in stock but he can also sell weapons if you complete The BG3 Missing Shipment Quest.

Grat: He is the only trader in the goblin camp that mainly sells weapons along with a few potions in BG3.

Roah Moonglow: Residing in the Shattered Sanctum, this merchant has a lot of scrolls and potions in stock.

Araj Oblodra: A Dow-Elf blood merchant found in the Moonrise Tower. She can grant you race-specific potions if you complete her quest. Araj Oblodra in Baldur’s Gate 3 will ask for your blood to craft potions so you should give it to her if you want racial bonuses.

Blurg: Visit Underdark to find this merchant. Most of this stock consists of scrolls with a few unique items.

Cyrel: Located in the Trollhouse, this merchant may turn into a foe depending on your actions.

Volo: A trader from Druid Grove, he has plenty of interesting dialogues that shed light on the goblin attack.

Derryth: Another merchant from the Underdark, he offers an assortment of potions and armor.

Sticky Dondo: Unlocked in Act 3, this human merchant offer a large variety of unique items in the Guildhall

Barter or Trade with Merchants in Baldur’s Gate 3?

While dealing with the merchants, you can use the bartering option or the trading option.

In the trading option, the transaction between you and the merchant will involve the transfer of gold.

So if you buy something, your gold will be reduced, and it will increase if you sell something.

What you must know is the reduction or increase in the goal is not corresponding to the actual value of the items.

It will always be not favorable for you to trade. You will pay more compared to the actual value and receive less if you sell it.

Upon choosing Barter, two vertical fields will appear where you can place the items you want to get rid of and place the items on the other side that you want from the merchant.

Remember, you can also use gold here as a medium of transaction.

The scale option above the Barter can make things easy as it will automatically identify the amount of gold to be given up or to be received from the merchant at the end of the Barter.

Stealing from Merchants in BG3

What’s the fun in being a rogue if you can’t steal? Stealing from the merchants in Baldur’s Gate 3 is possible but is also very risky as you’ll end up with a hostile NPC and lose a place to do business if you mess up.

For the best chance of success, make sure you use a character with the Sleight of Hand skill. You may also want to save just in case.