Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Find And Enter Temple Of Bhaal

The Temple of Bhaal is dedicated to the dark god of murder in Baldur's Gate 3 and holds one of our companions.

The Temple of Bhaal is a secret underground area you can find during Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. It is inside Old Undercity Ruins (X: -56, Y: 1011) beneath the Lower City area. However, finding and accessing this temple is a different story and perhaps the most difficult aspect of the game.

Finding the temple of Bhaal is paramount unless you plan on losing a party member. During Act 3, Orin will whisk away one of your party members and replace them with a doppelganger. The only way to save your comrade is to go into the temple and defeat Orin.


Don’t rest more than 3 times once you find out there is a doppelganger in your group.

Find Amulet of Bhaal

The only way to open the gate of Bhaal’s Temple is by showing the Amulet of Bhaal. To find this amulet, you need to complete a couple of quests first. It all starts with Open Hand Temple Murders and leads to finding the Murder Tribunal.

Once you progress halfway through Open Hand Temple Murders, you will encounter another quest: Investigate the Murders. This is an extremely lengthy quest that will allow you to save a few innocent people and finally lead you to the Murder Tribunal’s hideout.

At this point, you get two options. Either kill Sarevok Anchev or become an Unholy Assassin of the Bhaal. Either way, you will get the Amulet of Bhaal as a reward.

Enter the Underground through Lower City Sewers

Start your journey by heading to the Basilisk Gate. Behind the building, you will find a Manhole that leads you down the Lower City Sewers. Once underground, a wall will block your path to the next area. Use the Eldritch Blast or anything with blunt force damage to break the wall.

There is a hole in the wall to the right of the next area; go through the hole. However, you must jump across the sewer below and onto the platform to the left. Enter through the door on the platform and find Death’s Head of Bhaal Blythe on the far end side.

You can also travel to the Guild’s headquarters and find a broken wall beside it. It will lead you directly to the sewers. Another way of entering the sewers is by using the Hatch inside the Emperor’s hideout. However, the path below is filled with poisonous gas and better be avoided.

Find the entrance of the Temple of Bhaal

Talk to Blyth in the sewers, and it will start a fight. After defeating the enemies, jump across the broken platform and head left to find a door. Open the door and travel to the far end of the corridor to find another door. This door will lead you to the City Sewer Waypoint.

Head right and go through three consecutive doors to an area where you will find flowing sewer water. You will come across enemies like Greaseballs. Cross a small wooden bridge near the Greaseballs and head straight till you find another door to the right.

Enter through the door and reach the far end side of the area to enter the Undercity Ruins. Go up the stairs, and you will come across a massive stone door. Present the Amulet of Bhaal and declare your loyalty to open the first gate of the Temple of Bhaal.

How to defeat Farslayer of Bhaal, Ghislev

Upon entering the area, you will find a body with a note that will warn you of Ghislev. He is a formidable foe roaming the Undercity Ruins and stopping anyone from reaching Bhaal’s Temple.

Did You Know

As of patch 4, Farslayer of Bhaal, Ghislev’s vision has been reduced. He can no longer search the whole Underground City and can’t see through the walls.

Ghislev is standing on a platform across a room. Below him are his followers and the cultists. This is one of the most terrifying battles in the game. Farslayer of Bhaal, Ghislev, and his minions have a condition known as Unstoppable: 5. This means they will take only 1 damage for the next 5 turns no matter what hits them.

Ghislev also knows the death word Kill. This strong incantation will kill one of your party members instantly. However, he can only cast it after chanting the spell for 5 turns. This makes the whole scenario an adrenaline rush.

We recommend that you use Magic Missile on Ghislev and his companions. Each strike counts as 1, and they will lose their unstoppable condition instantly. Ghislev only has 68HP. Hit him with your most powerful attacks. Make sure that you kill him before the 5th turn. He will keep running through the arena. Use Misty Step to follow him around. As soon as Farslayer of Bhaal, Ghislev dies, all his minions will disappear, too.


You can clear the area without confrontation by casting the Greater Invisibility spell on your party. But you will lose the loot.

Enter the Temple of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you kill Gislev, the remaining path becomes like a walk in the park. Follow the statues until you reach a group of bodies. From here, you can collect Dribbles’ Head to complete the Find Dribbles’ parts side quest.

While following the statues, you will come across a waypoint next to a bridge. Make sure to rest or complete some errands, as it is a point of no return. You won’t be able to fast-travel past this point.


Following the statues further will lead you to Elder Brain’s location, which is not recommended now.

Cross the bridge and interact with another stone gate. This is the second and final gate of the Temple of Bhaal. Once again, present the Amulet of Bhaal and prove your allegiance. The gate will open, and you can finally confront Orin, the Red.

Defeat Orin to obtain her Netherstone

Orin resides in her chamber in the center of Bhaal’s Temple. Make sure you kill Gortash before venturing here, or you will need to pass a DC25 check to save your companion. 

Once you confront Orin, she will turn hostile and change into a monster. This fight is unnecessarily difficult as Orin has Unstoppable: 7. The cultists around the arena also replenish her charges at the end of each turn. You can’ attack or hurt the cultists. We recommend you upcast the Magic Missile spell and hit Orin with it. With a level 5 spell slot, it casts 7 missiles, enough to remove her Unstoppable. 

From there, it is a fight of attrition and willpower. Hit Orin with everything you got. Once she is killed, loot her body to obtain Orin’s Netherstone and free your companion.

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