Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Two-Handed Weapons

Finding the best two-handed weapon in Baldur's Gate 3 can be a lot of work so let us help you with some suggestions.

Two-Handed weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 encompass a pretty large variety of weapons that include long reach as well as heavy ones. As can be expected, these two-handed weapons also deal a lot more damage than your typical Baldur’s Gate 3 light weapons or thrown. If you prefer to play as a character that wields greatswords, spears and the like, then we have the list of best Baldur’s Gate 3 two-handed weapons for you to check out and select your ideal weapons.

1. Selune’s Spear of Night

Selune’s Spear of Night is a Legendary Spear in Baldur’s Gate 3. Having only a few in the whole game, Legendary items in BG3 are extremely rare, and getting them is not a walk in the park. This spear has 1d8+9 Piercing damage. Although this spear can also be used single-handedly, it reduces the damage down to 1d6+9 Piercing.

Keeping the weapon stats in view, this versatile melee weapon does not require any particular proficiency to use it. With a range of 1.5 meters, this Spear also possesses Versatile and Thrown weapon properties. Selune’s Blessing special property of Selune’s Spear of Night also grants the user Advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws and Perception checks.

Having the +3 Weapon Enchantment, Selune’s Spear of Night allows the Darkvision ability typically only available to a few races. With Darkvision, the wielder can see up to 12m in the dark. Additionally, with the Moonbeam and Moonmote spells, you can slow down and damage the enemies coming in contact with the light beam. To get Selune’s Spear of the Night, you have to spare Nightsong’s life.

2. Spear of Night

Well, the member on the list of some best Two-Handed weapons is the Spear of Night. It can be regarded as the downgraded version of Selune’s Spear of Night. But unlike the Selune version, this Spear is Rare and has 1d8 +1 base damage for two-handed and 1d6 +1 for one-handed operation.

It also possesses the Versatile and Thrown weapon properties along with Two-Handed. Along with all these stats, Spear of Night also helps in unlocking the Rush Attack proficiency which helps in engaging and off-balancing the enemy in front.


You need to complete the Silent Library puzzle to get Spear of Night.

3. Cacophony

Cacophony belongs to the Quarterstaves class of weapons in BG3. This is a rare weapon that can be operated both single and double-handed. Along with the Two-handed, it also possesses the Versatile weapon property. With the double-hand operation, it can provide 1d8 +2 Bludgeoning damage with additional +1d4 Thunder damage while with the single hand, it reduces down to 1d6 +2 Bludgeoning and +1d4 Thunder.

With the +1 Weapon Enchantment, Cacophony allows you to use the Thunderous Smite spell which helps push the enemy away. Along with the spell, it also helps in unlocking them Topple action allows you to prone your target. It can be acquired in the game from Lady Esther, the person you give the Githyanki egg.

4. Gontrmael

The next member on the list of some of the best Two-Handed weapons is the Gontrmael. This weapon belongs to the Longbows category and in terms of finding it, it is a Legendary weapon. Having a range of 18 meters, this bow can provide 1d8 Piercing damage to opponents. However, to use this weapon you need to improve your Martial proficiency first.

Having a +3 Weapon Enchantment, Gontrmael possesses the Promised Victory and Gontr Mael Glowing properties allowing it to inflict the enemy with a Guiding bolt and makes the object shine in the near vicinity. It also allows the use of the Celestial Haste Transmutation spell along with the Hamstring Shot, Brace Ranged and Bolt of Celestial Light proficiency unlocks.

To get your hands over this bow, you have to go through the Disable the Steel Watch quest in the Steel Watch Foundry. In the quest, you need to knock Steel Watch Titan down to acquire the bow.

5. Halberd +1

Halberd +1 is the advanced version of Halberd weapon in BG3. The name of the weapon makes the weapon class evident. Well, this is an uncommon weapon in the game capable of providing 1d10 +1 Slashing damage to the enemies. With an operational range of 2.5 meters, Halberd +1 is a Two-handed melee weapon. I

n order to use the Halberd +1 first you need to master the Martial proficiency. With the +1 Weapon Enchantment, this weapon can also help unlock the Rush Attack, Lacerate, and Cleave proficiency unlocks. It can be acquired from Roah Moonglow and Dammon NPCs located at the Shattered Sanctum and The Hollow respectively.

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