Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Thrown Weapons

Having the best thrown weapons in Baldur's Gate 3 will allow you to deal ranged damage with a melee tool so why not have a look at our list.

Thrown weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3, as the name suggests, are your regular melee weapons but can be thrown at will allowing them to fully serve their function as if you were wielding them yourself. While you have the option to make improvised weapons on the battlefield and throw anything, any weapon that has the Thrown Weapon property on it in BG3 deals a lot more damage than improvised ones.

If you fancy yourself an archer with melee weapons, we have compiled a list of Baldur’s Gate 3 best thrown weapons so you can fill up your arsenal with these tools of destruction.

1. Gleamdance Dagger

Gleamdance Dagger is a very rare Thrown weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3. It deals a 1d4 Piercing damage to the enemies however you do not have to master any proficiency to use it. With a range of 1.5 meters, this weapon can be used like a melee or can be thrown away to deal damage. Along with the Thrown, it also possesses the Finesse and Light weapon properties.

The +2 Weapon Enchantment, Gleamdance Dagger, and Gleamdancer weapon skill allow the magical dagger to glow and gain a +1 bonus to the Armor class whenever you wield damage with the dagger while holding it in your left hand. Additionally, it also helps in unlocking the Piercing Strike weapon action as well.

2. Cold Snap

Cold Snap is also one of the rare daggers in BG3 that can be used as thrown weapon. This weapon possesses the Thrown along with the Finesse and Light weapon properties which makes it pretty lethal. With the +1 Armor Class and Weapon Enchantment, Cold Snap is capable of dealing 1d4 +1 Piercing damage along with the +1d4 Cold damage as well.

It possesses a weapon skill known as Chilling Counter which will freeze up the enemy for the next 2 turns if it fails a DC 13 Constitution Saving Throw. The Chilling Counter can only be activated while holding the weapon in the Off-hand only.


3. Boooal’s Arms

Well, the next weapon on the list of some best Thrown weapons is the Boooal’s Arms. This thrown weapon belongs to the Javelin class in BG3. However, this is a common weapon but has the capability of knocking down the enemy with the 1d6 Piercing damage.

With a range of 1.5 meters, this Melee weapon also possesses the Dippable weapon property along with the Thrown. Holding the weapon in the main hand will help you gain the Piercing Strike action which allows you to hit the enemies and inflict a Gaping Wound on them.

4. Vision of the Absolute

Vision of the Absolute is a Spear in BG3 that possesses the Versatility of being handled with either one or two hands along with the ability to be Thrown. This uncommon weapon can provide 1d6 Piercing with one hand and 1d8 Piercing damage when used with both hands.

Vision of the Absolute has a special weapon skill known as Absolute Night. This skill enables the spear to deal an additional 2d6 Piercing damage to enemies having multiple eyes. Getting hands over this weapon is a bit challenging because it is found in two different parts.

The Head of the Spear can be looted from the Owlbear mother while the Shaft is located near the entrance on the body of Edowin. Once you have both parts, you can combine them up to craft the weapon.

5. Nyrulna

The Nyrulna belongs to the Trident’s class of weapons in BG3. This weapon needs mastery in Martial proficiency to use it. Having the Versatility along with the Thrown makes this weapon operable with either one or two hands.

Using Nyrulna with one hand only deals with 1d6 +3 Piercing damage, which rises to 1d8 +3 while using it with both hands. This Legendary trident possesses some of the best weapon skills in the game. With Zephyr Connection, it will deal Thunder damage ranging between 3 and 12 and will also make the weapon to return your hands after throwing.

It also has the Veil of the Wind allowing you to become immune to falling damage and providing you with an additional +3m speed and jump bonus as well. With the +3 Weapon Enchantment, this trident can be found inside a chest in the jungle after pickpocketing Akabi. The Nyrulna Glowing weapon allows the trident to shine and shed light within a 6m radius.

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