How To Get Adamantine Longsword In Baldur’s Gate 3

Adamantine Longsword in Baldur's Gate 3 slashes through enemies like butter and is one of the most devastating Longswords in the game.

The Adamantine Longsword is one of the best dual-handed swords available in the early sections of BG3. Like the rest of the Adamantine items, this rare weapon is difficult to come by and can only be crafted by finding its unique mould and Mithril ore. Both these items can’t be purchased, and you can find them during the quest “Adamantine Forge”.

How to Craft Adamantine Longsword in Baldur’s Gate 3

To craft this rare longsword, you need to the Grymforge area during Act 1 of the game. Here you can find Longsword mould and Mithril ore required to craft this weapon.

How to get Longsword Mould in Baldur’s Gate 3

On your way to the Grymforge, there is a bridge marked on the map. You can find the Mould on this hanging bridge (X: -621, Y: 410). To get on the bridge you must pull the lever to make the platform come near you or you can use the Fly spell to get there.

How to get Mithril Ore in BG3

There are only two Mithril Ores available in a single playthrough. To find them, you need to farm Adamantine Veins at the locations (X: -660, Y: 20) and (X: -555, Y: 280) inside Grymforge. Use them wisely, as you won’t be getting more as of the latest patch.

Craft the Adamantine Longsword

A unique weapon requires a unique method to obtain. To craft an Adamantine Longsword in BG3, the very first thing you need to do is to make your way to the forge. There, at the center, you will notice a chamber for the Mithral Ore. Place the one you have. 

Nearby, there is another chamber for the Mould you have found. Place the mould and pull the lever. This will start the forging process, and the forge will move downwards. Once the forge stops, move your party to the corner of the forge. 

After that, rotate the lava valve, and it will spawn Grym, the forge protector. Defeat Grym and then slam the hammer down 2-3 times, and eventually, your Adamantine Longsword will be ready. Walk to the middle and claim your weapon.

Adamantine Longsword stats

Damage: 1d8 +1 Slashing (One Hand), 1d10 +1 Slashing (Two Hands) 


  • Lethal Weapon: Adamantine Longsword ignores enemies’ resistance to slashing damage. 
  • Diamondsbane: You will always land a critical hand with Adamantine Longsword on an object. 
  • Proficiencies Unlocks: Pommel Strike, Lacerate, Rush Attack.
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