Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrmway Trials Guide

Wyrmway is a location in Baldur's Gate 3 that house 4 chamber trials as well the Ansur boss that you will come across during the storyline of the game

Wyrmway is an ancient dungeon that you will be tasked with completing towards the end of Baldur’s Gate 3. This dungeon will test your mettle. Also, you will have to pass all of the four trials here, which will include:

It doesn’t matter whichever order you choose to complete these trials. What matters is the major boss fight that lies ahead after finishing all of these. In short, the Wyrmway Trials will end when you complete the challenges. But to fully complete this dungeon, you must face Ansur the Dragon next.

This ancient creature has been in slumber for a while and cannot be reasoned with. You must fight him and slay this beast in Badlur’s Gate 3.

An important thing to note before undertaking the Wyrmway Trials will involve choosing the right party members for this task. For that, you must include Gale (wizard) and Shadowheart, as they will prove immensely valuable in ensuring you complete these trials with relative ease in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to enter the Wyrmway in BG3

There are a few ways to learn the location of the Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrmway if you have saved Duke Ravenguard during the quest to Disable the Steel Watch. You can then use him to procure a particular item.

This will happen to be a book named Legend of Ansur. Once you have acquired the book, you can learn that the Wyrmway dungeon resides underneath Baldur’s City.


However, there is another way if you missed saving the Duke Ravenguard. It will be through Wyll in BG3. In short, you will need to save his father, who will happen to be the Grand Duke. Once you have accomplished rescuing the Grand Duke, you will also learn about the Wyrmway.

Either way you progress, you will find the Wyrmway’s whereabouts in Baldur’s Gate 3. In short, you must enter the Wyrm’s Rock Prison by reaching the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress first. You will have to find alternate means to enter the Fortress.

One of these will require you to head from Blaze Elin’s location. It would be best if you made your way to the broken fence at the edge. From there, you can jump down.

However, the fall is quite deep, so bring Healing Potions along. Once your party members jump, you can aim the healing item on the ground. This will also heal the injured teammates in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Make your way around that area, and you will find a crack in the wall. Pass through it and enter Wyrm’s Rock Prison area in BG3.

Proceed to jump towards the other side. Then, target the wall section that seems weak with the irregular bricks. It will be force resistance, so use a more potent weapon to break through that area. Then, you can move towards the Passageway in the western direction next to Baldur’s Gate 3.

Keep going through the Wyrm’s Rock Prison area. Soon enough, you will come across a pair of Lanterns on your left side near the wall. These will resemble a Dragon Head, so proceed to hit them with a lightning attack.

By doing that, you will be able to discover a hidden passageway. This will directly unlock the Wyrmway dungeon entrance for you to access in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 The Wyrmway Puzzles and Trials

To complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Wyrmway trials, navigate further into the Wyrm’s Rock Prison area. It would be best to take a right turn towards an opening there. At the end of that opening, you will find a door. You will enter the Wyrmway (dungeon) in BG3 through that door.

After entering that place, your objective will be to find a way to Ansur. You will come across a giant statue of Balduran. You will read the inscription on the tab beneath it stating that the test will begin for the champion to finally pass through to reach Ansur in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Chamber of Justice

Follow the passageways, and they will lead you to another statue of Balduran at the Chamber of Justice in BG3. This statue will be holding a balance scale. This is, in a way, a test to restore the balance of justice.

To complete this trial, you will require Shadowheart in your party. This way, you can use her abjuration spell known as Remove Curse. This way, she will remove the Curse from the paintings ahead.

Afterward, you can pick up the Cell painting and place it on the empty niche in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once it is done successfully, you will hear that the dishonorable judge was banished, but the judgment was still passed.

This will conclude that further trials are still awaiting you if you want to complete the Wyrmway in BG3. Go back to that place and turn right from the statue present there. Follow this small path, leading you straight to a door ahead.

Chamber of Insight

After opening that door and moving inside, you will see another statue of Balduran in the Chamber of Insight area next to BG3. Here, you can control Wyll’s character and use the spell Stop Monster to pass this trial.

This way, you will be able to stop the three moving Diaries. After that, you can read these Diaries and learn which advisor has sinister intentions. The culprit will vary, so it was the Advisor Suelto in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Hence, you will face the three advisors ahead, out of which you only need to kill Suelto. This will complete this trial, and you can continue to meet the remaining trials in BG3 Wyrmway.

Chamber of Strategy

Moving ahead from that trial location, you can jump towards the ledge ahead and then go towards the open-door area. Make your way to the place where you will find multiple Balduran statues, and this time, go left down the stairs and then open the door present there. Then, jump past the crystals blocking your way and proceed forward.

Inside, you will see a giant chess board ahead, and as usual, you will come face to face with another statue of Balduran at the Chamber of Strategy in Baldur’s Gate 3. This time, the test will be to defeat the Dark King in two moves. If you have included Gale in your party before venturing into the Wyrmway dungeon, this challenge will be easy for you to pass.

As the wizard, Gale will give you the solution to this puzzle. First, you must position your white queen in the upper right corner. Then, you must move the queen four squares to the left. By doing this, the dark king will fall, and you will have completed the trial here with relative ease in BG3.

Chamber of Courage

Now that you have completed three trials, you can find the last one on the north side of the Wyrmway dungeon in BG3. Head past the statues like before, and this time, go up the stairs towards the large door ahead. Open it and follow the path forward towards the Chamber of Courage. Make your way to the Statue of Balduran there, and your final trial will begin.

You must take the torch and withstand the elements to pass this trial. Equip the Soulbreaker Greatsword, and then you will have to survive the four rounds of enemy hordes that come your way in BG3.

Kill them all and win this battle, then go towards the left side, where you will find an open doorway. Follow it and turn right to enter the Dragon’s Sanctum next to Baldur’s Gate 3. Before heading inside, save your progress because you will face a formidable adversary.

How to defeat Ansur in BG3

Once you have successfully solved all the trials in the Wyrmway dungeon, you can make your way toward the large iron doors in the Dragon’s Sanctum in BG3. This way, you will reach Ansur’s Lair. He will be a giant dragon (Wyrm), and after a small dialogue session, he will engage you in a fierce battle. You will have to fight and kill it to complete the Wyrmway dungeon.

We have covered all the details on the Dragon Boss Ansur, so here, we will only address the strategy you can use to defeat Ansur the Dragon Boss in BG3. To begin with, this boss will be at level 17 and contain a massive health pool of 400 HP. Include Shadowheart, Gale, Astarion, and Talak in this boss fight.

Talak will be your frontrunner for dealing the damage on Ansur, whereas you can position Shadowheart in the center. This way, she can heal your party members during this boss fight and save you from recovering the damage you take.

Astarion can inflict range attacks like the Arrow of Dragon Slaying on Ansur, which will help bring down the Dragon HP during this boss fight. Gale can also help in the attack and bolster your defenses using the spell Globe of Invulnerability.

However, it would be best to watch out for Ansur’s attacks in BG3, as this Dragon will use Water Myrmidon and Elemental minions. These can be a pain to deal with as they will distract you mainly during the fight, allowing Ansur to deliver massive AoE damage to your party.

Make sure to kill these minions and then shift the focus of your attacks on the Dragon in this Boss fight. Eventually, you will be able to defeat Ansur the Dragon and win this Boss fight in BG3. There is also a trick where you can knock the dragon Ansur out of the sky so you can try out that too if you are struggling with it.


By completing all the trials and slaying the Dragon Boss Ansur, you will have completed the Wyrmway Dungeon in BG3. This way, you will end up salvaging gold along with other items as rewards, which will include:

  1. Balduran’s Giantslayer
  2. Helm of Balduran

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