Baldur’s Gate 3: Ansur The Dragon Boss Guide

Ansur the Dragon in Baldur's Gate 3 was used to be a hero now turned enemy that you will encounter beneath the Wyrm's Rock Fortress in one of the most exhilarating clashes of the whole game.

Ansur the Dragon is a late-game boss in the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress in BG3. He used to be one of the heroes who protected the realm, but now he has turned undead and goes against you and the emperor upon meeting. 

Defeating Ansur is much harder in BG3, especially if you don’t have general information about the dragon. But worry not, as I’m here to help you find and defeat this boss in BG3.

Ansur the Dragon location in BG3

Ansur the Dragon is hidden beneath the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress Prison in Act 3 of BG3. There is a chance that you will happen across Ansur’s lair during some quest or by complete chance. However, manually getting to the Dragon’s Sanctum and finding Ansur’s lair is a lot of work. You must solve four Wyrmway puzzles to finally find Ansur the Dragon.

Here are the trials that you need to pass before reaching the Dragon’s Sanctum: 

  • Find the hidden passage in Wyrm’s Rock. 
  • Solve Chamber of Justice Puzzle 
  • Solve Chamber of Strategy Puzzle 
  • Fight enemies in the Chamber of Courage 
  • Solve Chamber of Insight Puzzle 

After that, you will reach the Dragon’s Sanctum, and the door will open after hearing from the Statue of Balduran. There, you can find Ansur the Dragon. 

Can you save Ansur and not fight him?

Ansur is long dead before your arrival in his lair in BG3. You will see his skeleton lying on the floor. The dragon will possess your body when you go near him and talk through you. A cutscene will appear in which you will learn about Ansur’s background in BG3. 

You must choose the following dialogues to continue: 

  • I never shy away from a challenge. 

Then, you will see the emperor will appear and talk to Ansur. 

  • Do you two know each other? 
  • Answer the question, Mind Flayer. You owe it to both of us. 

This will start your fight with Ansur. So, long story short, you can’t save Ansur, and a fight with him is inevitable.

How to defeat Ansur the Dragon in BG3

Do a long rest before the fight and have the best-ranged weapons. Melee weapons will be ineffective, so it is better to leave them. Ansur is a level 17 boss with 400HP and has two phases. You must last longer in combat, have a good strategy, and deliver good damage to defeat Ansur in BG3. 

Make sure to have proper gear with lots of Lightning Resistance. Prepare spells that grant you extra protection against Lightning attacks. You can find the Sparkswall ring and equip it for further protection against Ansur the Dragon’s attacks. 

The best party composition we recommend is using a Sorcerer, ShadowheartAstarion, and Gale. The Sorcerer will be suitable for dealing with the dragon on the frontline and will be the primary damage dealer. 

Shadowheart will be used for healing. Although Astarion’s attacks are weak, his ranger ability will be beneficial to deal damage from afar with proper crossbow build. Lastly, the wizardry powers of Gale will be used for ranged magical attacks and defense. 

Ansur, the dragon, also has its Water Myrmidons and Elemental minions along with him. It’s better not to engage them, as Ansur’s attacks wipe them out, and focus all your attacks on Ansur. Your party position also matters a lot. Place your party around Ansur to avoid getting hit simultaneously and losing everything in one go. 

Lightning attacks will also be ineffective here as Ansur can absorb them. Most of your fight will rely on Ranged Weapons. The best one is to use the Arrow of Dragon Slaying. However, they are extremely costly and turn useless if you don’t have a proficient marksman. 

During the second phase, the undead dragon Ansur starts using the Stormheart Nova attack. This attack covers a lot of areas and hurt everyone irrespectively. There is no way to avoid this attack, so make sure you have many healing items on hand. Use spells that increase your movement speed to catch up on Ansur and deal as much damage as possible. Dimension Door and Misty step spells are extremely useful in this phase. 

The fight with Ansur is a test of attrition and patience. You will die, and a lot. But with proper party composition and patience, there is no doubt you will overcome this monstrosity and have the last laugh.

Ansur the Dragon rewards and loot

After you defeat Ansur the Dragon in BG3, he will drop the following items: 

  • Balduran’s Giantslayer: This legendary weapon provides a strength modifier that doubles your damage output. You also get an advantage on attack rolls against big enemies. 
  • Helm of Balduran: Every turn, you will get +2 HP. You are immune to Stunning and Critical Attacks.
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