How To Defeat Filro The Forgotten In Baldur’s Gate 3

Filro the Forgotten in Baldur's Gate 3 holds the key to crafting Mourning Frost so defeating him is very important.

One of the mini-bosses that you fight in Act 1 of BG3 is Filro, an elf who seems to have lost his mind. There is no talking or reasoning with him as he will attack players on sight, and defeating him is the only solution. Luckily, the fight against Filro isn’t a time waste, and you do get some cool rewards once he is dead.

Filro the Forgotten location in BG3

Filro the Forgotten is found in the southwest part of the Underdark region near the Sussur Tree. He is in a cave overlooking the tree itself. If you are searching for Sussur Tree Bark or Sussur Bloom flowers, you will most definitely end up encountering him.

However, Filro is not alone. Two Hook Horrors protect him. These minions make the fight more difficult than it should be forcing players to change their approach to the actual boss fight.

Tips to defeat Filro the Forgotten in Baldur’s Gate 3

Filro the Forgotten might be a powerful mini-boss as far as attacks are concerned in BG3, but he has a relatively low 25HP. However, his HP is highly exaggerated due to his supremely high Armor Class (20) for such a low-level (4) enemy. You can easily defeat him if you manage to fight him solo. 

Since two Hook Horrors defend Filro, you need to focus on ranged and stealth combat rather than focusing on a direct conflict. 

Use Stealth 

The easiest way to defeat Filro in BG3 is by using stealth. Any party member who is proficient in stealth is your ticket to defeating him easily. When you first notice Filro, he is looking over a chasm with his back turned towards you. 

Ungroup your party and send your highest DEX rogue, like Astarion, to attack Filro stealthily. Rogues have immensely high damage output with stealth attacks. A successful stealth attack will most probably end the fight right there. However, if the fight continues, make sure to use your most powerful attack to finish it quickly. 

This also saves players from having to deal with the Hook Horrors early on. They have a massive 97HP each and can turn an easy fight into a chore. By the time the Hook Horrors will start attacking, Filro will already be killed and looted. You can then just ignore Hook Horrors and be on your way. 

Use Ranged attacks 

If you don’t have any stealth-proficient companion, it’s best that players bring powerful ranged companions. Gale is perfect for this role. Pick a high spot and keep using ranged attacks to hit Hook Horrors from afar. 

Gale is a cannon when it comes to ranged attacks, and you can distract the minions using your fighters. Once the Hook Horrors are defeated, players can then move in to fight and defeat Filro easily. Without the minions protecting him, a straight-on fight doesn’t seem that difficult.

Filro the forgotten loot

You can loot Filro’s corpse to get the following rewards in BG3. 

  • Scribbled Notes 
  • Scroll of Sleep 
  • Icy Crystal 

Of all the loot, Icy Crystal is the most important, as it allows you to craft the Mourning Frost weapon.

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