Baldur’s Gate 3: Ceremonial Weapons Locations Guide

Tired of searching for the ceremonial weapons to obtain Blood of Lathander? Our guide below will make this irritating section a breeze for you.

Ceremonial Weapons are required to solve the Stained-Glass puzzle of Rosymorn Monastery in Baldur’s Gate 3 to obtain a legendary weapon. Lae’zel’s companion quest will lead you to the Mountain Pass during Act 1. From there, following the Githyanki footsteps, you will find yourself inside Rosymorn Monastery. There is a stained-glass with four pedestals around it on the second floor of the monastery. Upon close inspection, you will notice four distinct weapons you must place on the pedestals around the glass.

How to complete Rosymorn Monastery Stained-Glass Puzzle

Luckily, one of the weapons, the Ceremonial Sword, is already on its appropriate pedestal. However, you must find the rest of the weapons and place them on their pedestals. Solving the stained-glass puzzle is paramount to acquiring the Blood of the Lathander legendary mace without destroying Githyanki Creche Y’llek.

Rosymorn Monastery Ceremonial Weapons locations

There are three weapons that players need to find to complete the Rosymorn Monastery puzzle. Two of them are ceremonial, and the final one is a normal rusty weapon. These are the Ceremonial Warhammer, the Ceremonial Battleaxe, and the Rusty Mace. All of these can be found inside Rosymorn Monastery

The Ceremonial Longsword is already in its place on Dawnmaster Welkinglory’s pedestal, so make sure it stays there, and you don’t pick it up. If you do, the weapon will lose its signature glow and become a regular longsword. 

Ceremonial Battleaxe for Dawnmaster Vaseid

From the Stained-Glass ceiling, head back through the corridor and turn left. Here, open the Enchanted Door by picking the lock. To enter the room, players need to destroy the bed, block the path into the room, and then jump over the cupboard. You can also enter this room from a hole in its back wall.

Inside the room, you will find a level 7 Guardian of Faith. As soon as you enter the Guardian’s circle, it will become hostile. You need to defeat the Guardian of Faith to recover the Ceremonial Battleaxe. You can loot the Ceremonial Battleaxe from the Guardian of Faith’s body.

Ceremonial Warhammer for Dawnmaster Seed

Exit the Enchanted Door, and you will find knotted vines next to the door leading to the roof. Climb these vines, and on the roof, you will find a giant nest of eagles (X: 80, Y: 40). You can loot the Ceremonial Warhammer from the nest by killing the eagles.

You can also obtain the Ceremonial Warhammer by avoiding confrontation. Cast the Greater Invisibility spell to loot the nest, then use Misty Step to escape the area. You can also use Mage Hand to remove the Ceremonial Warhammer from the eagle nest.

Rusty Mace for Dawnmaster Stockold

Head back to the stained-glass ceiling room and jump out the broken window. From here, you need to jump down to the floor below. This will deplete some of your HP, and you can use Rest after the jump to replenish your HP. Otherwise, use the Feather Fall spell to get down safely. 

On the ground floor, head into the small door, and at the end of the corridor, next to the window by the ruble, players can find the Rusty Mace.

What to do with Ceremonial Weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3

With all the Ceremonial Weapons in your hand, head back to the Stained-Glass puzzle room. All that remains is to put all the weapons on their designated altars.

All the altars have inscriptions on them. These will help you find which weapon goes on which altar.

  • Ceremonial Battleaxe – Dawnmaster Vaseid’s Pedestal
  • Ceremonial Warhammer – Dawnmaster Seed’s Pedestal
  • Rusty Mace – Dawnmaster Stockhold’s Pedestal

After you place the three weapons on their designated altars, the locked vault in the wall will open, and you will get the Dawnmaster’s Crest as a reward. This crest is required to obtain the Blood of Lathander Mace from Githyanki Creche peacefully.


If you try to place any ceremonial weapon on the wrong pedestal, it will be knocked down on the floor. This is not a bug but a game design to make the puzzle easier.

After you have the Dawnmaster’s Crest, players might be tempted to pick up the Ceremonial Weapons and keep using them. However, these weapons have only one use, to place them on their respective pedestals to solve the puzzle. Even though these glowing weapons look special, they lose their buff and become useless when you have them in your inventory.

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