How To Get Past Selunite Outpost Statues In Baldur’s Gate 3

Having trouble with the Arcane wielding statues in the Selunite outpost? Don't worry. We will help you get past them in Baldur's Gate 3.

Among the many entrances to the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3, the one from the Selunite Outpost is arguably the most rewarding. However, once players get to the Selunite Outpost, they can’t seem to exit it to enter the Underdark, as the Statues guarding can quickly kill them. So how are you supposed to leave the Selunite Outpost in Baldur’s Gate 3, apart from backtracking? Well, let us shed some light on that.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Selunite Outpost is built by the followers of Selune right underneath Selune’s Temple. If you are unsure what that is, it happens to be the Defiled Temple within the Goblin Camp.

When Goblins took over the area, they desecrated the Selune Temple but could never figure out how to solve the Defiled Temple puzzle and gain access to the Selunite Outpost.

How to disable the Selunite Outpost statues in Baldur’s Gate 3

Once you solve the Defiled Temple puzzle, head down the ladder and open the door to enter the Selunite Outpost. As you approach the gate in the Northern part of the Selunite Outpost map, you will see a minotaur rushing the portcullis from the outside. As soon as it gets near, the statues around the door will kill it with radiant attacks. This should warn you not to attempt to leave where the statues can see you.

So, to turn off the statues in the Selunite Outpost, you need to find a Moonstone that is powering them up. Luckily, the moonstone is next to you if you know where to look.

In the middle of the Selunite Outpost is a giant statue of Selune. The statue holds the Moonstone, so you must look high to spot it.

On the right side of the statue holding the moonstone, you will see stairs you must take. You will see a ladder on the left wall as the stairs end. Take the ladder up, and you will see a skeleton there. Click on it to take the Selunite Key. From where you are standing, aim a ranged attack at the moonstone. One hit should be enough to destroy it, and it has only 1HP.

Once the moonstone is broken, both the statues outside will be disabled. Before you can leave, turn back and go to the Iron Gate on the left, past the stairs. Use the Selunite Key to open the locked door and then pass a DC15 dexterity Check to lockpick a chest. The reward is a piece of armor, the Helmet of Smiting.


You can sneak past the statues without destroying the moonstone, as they don’t react if you are crouching (even in their field of vision).

Now go back outside, and there is a lever near the right side of the portcullis. Push the lever to open the door, and you are free to roam the Underdark without the danger of being killed instantly by the statues.

An alternate way to leave the Selunite Outpost

While the main gate leads to the main path in the Underdark, there is an alternate path to leave the Selunite Outpost as well. This path also doesn’t require you to turn off the Selune’s statues but can be quite dangerous. 

While facing the exit gate, if you look to your left, you will spot a broken window. Use that to exit the outpost and then jump over the rocks to reach the western path section of the Underdark. Remember that you will likely face BG3 Bulette and the Spectator bosses on this path. Killing the Spectator and its master will also give you a Memory Shard that provides the location of the Adamantine Forge.

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