Baldur’s Gate 3 The Missing Shipment Quest Guide

The missing shipment is a quest in Act-I of Baldur’s Gate 3, and it leads to the events happening in the Zhentarim hideout.

The Missing Shipment is a quest in Act-I of Baldur’s Gate 3. This quest leads to the events happening in the Zhentarim hideout. If you have run across a destroyed caravan surrounded by gnolls on the way to Waukeen’s Rest, you should have the quest.

If you don’t, talk to Zarys inside the Zehntarim Hideout and she will ask you to find the shipment that was due.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Missing Shipment Location

Go to the Northern Areas of Risen Road. There you will find a cave. In the cave, you will find two people This cave is under attack by Gnolls.

BG3 Missing Shipment walkthrough

Defeating the Gnolls is compulsory during the Missing Shipment quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 as they guard the cave and not let you enter it. It is advised to use BG3 high ground benefits, and use ranged attacks to attack them.

If somehow you manage to get near the Gnoll warlord, you can convince him to side with you and help you defeat the other Gnolls. This is possible because of the worm present in your brain. You can use Hide or invisibility to move closer to the Gnoll Warlord at the start. This will save you from fighting.

After the fight, as the gnoll is still hungry, you can use a wisdom skill check and make her eat herself. This will make the quest easier. This Wisdom check skill is Difficulty Class 10. If you fail this wisdom check, you will have to fight and defeat the Gnoll by yourself.


Loot the Gnoll for the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen. You will need this item later in the game.

Dealing with Rugan

Rugan in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the leader of the caravan and there are multiple ways to deal with him during the missing shipment side quest in BG3.  All of these choices led to Zhentarim Hideout.

  1. Extort The Survivors:  You will demand some coins from Rugan. He will provide you with the coins unwillingly. After receiving the coins, you can head to Zhentarim Hideout and claim your reward from there. This option will provide you with some extra coins, in addition, Zhentarim will not be angry with you either. Here another advantage is that you will get improved stock from the merchant.
  2. Making A deal: You can make a deal with Rugan to sell the cargo somewhere else if you somehow manage to discover the fact that Rugan is one of the Zhentarim. In this deal, you will take 50% of the profit. Making this deal and moving back to Zhentarim Hideout you will find out that now they want to kill you. You can talk them out of the fight but if you fail, you have to kill them all.
  3. Killing the NPC and Taking the Cargo: You can choose the option to kill the NPC and get hold of the cargo for yourself. This way you will get everything inside the shipment to yourself or can take the cargo to Zhentarim Hideout where it belongs.

Should you open the caravan strongbox?

If you open the BG3 Caravan Strongbox, you will find an Iron Flask and some gold. You have to pass a dexterity skill check of level 20. You will also need some of the thieves’ tools to open the chest. The Iron Flask can hold a creature inside it. Throwing the flask lets the Spectator boss out and you have to defeat it.

You can throw the Flask at enemies but still need to defeat Spectator in BG3. In our opinion, the Iron Flask is not that useful, and you should return the cargo to Zhentarim Hideout without lockpicking. This way, you will get some extra coins and some useful trades from the merchant, Brem.

This marks the end of the missing shipment quest in BG3.

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