How To Find And Farm Mithral Ore In Baldur’s Gate 3

Let us help you find this rare and elusive crafting material to create some of the best gear in Baldur's Gate 3.

Mithral Ore is an extremely rare and sought-after crafting material in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is used to craft Adamantine Gear, which consists of one of the best Longswords, Shield, and Armor available during Act 1 of the game.

Mithral Ore is slightly harder to acquire than your standard crafting materials. It is relegated to just one area, and as such, its uses are confined as well. You can only use it at the Adamantine Forge during Act 1 of the game, and this is also where you’ll find it too.

In this guide, we’ll be going over the exact location of Mithral Ore, including how to find both locations, how to mine it, and finally, how exactly you can use it.

Mithral Ore locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Mithral Ore is only available during Act 1, and all the ore locations are within the Adamantine Forge area. This means that both locations of the Mithral Ore veins, from where you can farm it, will be close to a body of lava, so you need to be extra careful and diligent about your surroundings. The map above will give you a general understanding of where you must go, as the Forge can be accessed through the Underdark.

The first Mithral Ore can be found at the Ancient Forge Waypoint. From there, you must travel straight south until you come upon a ledge. Head down from the ledge to get closer to the lava river. Use the Feather Fall spell to reduce fall damage. 

Once you’re down, you must cross to the other side of the lava river. Once you cross the river, you will see a Mithral Ore vein which you can farm to acquire the first Mithral Ore.

To find the second Mithral Ore, head back from the first vein until you come across a set of stairs. These stairs take you to the Adamantine Forge.

Once you reach the Adamantine Forge, head left, leading to a large open area. Follow the path along the right side of the room until you see a gap in your pathway. There should be lava flowing beyond the gap. Jump to the other side.

From there, you must go to the left side, leading to an open area. Follow the path going towards the right, and you will see a gap between your pathways filled with lava. Jump to reach the other side of the place. The Mithral Ore Vein is present towards the left side of the area.

How to mine Mithral Ore

Unlike other crafting Materials in Baldur’s Gate 3, Mithral Ore cannot be mined easily, and to do so, you need to follow certain steps. Both Mithral Ore Veins you come across will have a sturdy effect on them, which means they cannot be broken easily, and standard attacks won’t do the job.

Mithral Ore Veins only take damage from the bludgeoning attacks. Weapons like Hammers, Maces, and Clubs can do the job. Pick the one that does the most damage. You can also switch to a party member with a high damage output. Now, keep on hitting the Mithral Ore Vein until its health runs out, at which point the Mithral Ore will be available for you to pick up.

If you encounter a bug where the Mithral Ore disappears from your inventory, simply talk to a merchant, and it will reappear.

This bug usually happens after you craft the first item at the forge. Furthermore, it may be in another character’s inventory, so make sure you check everyone in your party or add it to your wares to keep it from disappearing.

Mithral Ore uses

Mithral Ore is used for crafting weapons and/or armor in Baldur’s Gate 3. The entire premise of the Adamantine Forge optional area is to craft these items that give you an upper hand during Act 1 of the game. To make these items, you need to find their respective moulds. 

The Mithral Ores can be combined with moulds at the forge to create the desired Adamantine Gear item. To use the Adamantine Forge, you must first defeat the area boss, Grym, the Forge Protector. You can craft any two of the six following items using the moulds in one playthrough, as Mithral Ore doesn’t respawn. 

Item Stats 
Adamantine Mace 1d6 bludgeoning damage (+ modifier effect), Ignores bludgeoning resistance, +1 to attack rolls, +1 to damage rolls, 100% chance of critical attack when hitting inanimate objects 
Adamantine Scimitar 1d6 slashing damage (+ modifier effect), Ignores slashing resistance, +1 attack rolls, +1 damage rolls, 100% chance of critical attack when hitting inanimate objects, Light and Finesse effects 
Adamantine Longsword 1d8 (one-handed) and 1d10 (two-handed) slashing damage (+modifier effect), Ignores slashing resistance, +1 attack rolls, +1 damage rolls100% chance of critical attack when hitting inanimate objects 
Adamantine Scale Mail +16 to your Armor Class, -1 to your attack rolls if you’re damaged for two turns, 100% safety from critical attack, Stealth checks have a disadvantage 
Adamantine Shield +2 to your Armor Class, -1 to your attack rolls if you’re damaged for two turns, Shield bash ability 
Adamantine Splint Armor +18 to your Armor Class, reduces all incoming by +2, -1 to your attack rolls if you’re damaged for two turns 

We recommend crafting the Adamantine Splint Armor and Adamantine Longsword. The best use of the ores is what you want and what fits your character best. 

Alternatively, you can create a backup save right before crafting to change what you select if you’re unhappy with your choice. 

Furthermore, you can use UUIDs to get the items from console commands directly. This will allow you to acquire all six Adamantine items without giving up anything. Make use of the following UUIDs when using the cheat engine. 

  • Adamantine Mace: df08ec01-52f0-4fdf-b5e7-4fa0970a480a 
  • Adamantine Scimitar: 503b4f8d-da61-4fc1-a4b7-cad124a10c69 
  • Adamantine Longsword: d116f35c-4399-408c-ba90-b455a5d29a1f 
  • Adamantine Scale Mail: 5427c806-5565-421f-a00f-a8282a9f504f 
  • Adamantine Shield: 96907713-b560-4daf-ab32-3c1aec3f3890 
  • Adamantine Splint Armor: ea3cf349-19ab-4104-9253-8e182bdbf538 

Mithral Ore mod in Baldur’s Gate 3

Since the game only lets you craft two Adamantine items per playthrough, you cannot acquire every single item we’ve listed above without mods. 

Several mods on NexusMods allow you to have more Mithral Ore than the game lets you pick up. Simply download the mod of your choice and install it into the directory where your game is installed. 

The ”More Mithral Ore” mod spawns additional veins throughout the Grymforge that you can mine. On the other hand, “JWL Grym’s Mithral Hoard” makes the area’s boss drop Mithral Ore when you defeat him.

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