Elden Ring Stonesword Keys Locations, Best Places to Use Them

If you’re trying to access the locations gate behind fog walls around Elden Ring, Stonesword Keys are the items that you absolutely need. These Keys can lead you to valuable treasures and much more. In this guide, we will cover the locations of the Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring as well as the uses of these valuable treasures.

Elden Ring Stonesword Keys Locations

Stonesword Keys are a rare type of consumable items which are found throughout Elden Ring. These stone items are shaped like swords and they act as keys for sealed areas. These items are not meant to be used as weapons.

You can only use Stonesword keys to unlock small areas like rooms, dungeons, shortcuts, and even alternate travel paths.

You can also use a Stonesword Key in South-east of Summonwater Village in the cave with Green Turtle Talisman. This allows you to increase your stamina recovery.

Let’s discuss the various locations where these Stonesword Keys can be found.

Character Creation Stonesword Key

The very first Stonesword Key is actually obtainable at the character creation screen. You can take a Stonesword Key as a keepsake/gift when creating your character.

This will give you a heads up on the keys available and it won’t feel like you are wasting any when using it on an imp.

Roundtable Hold Stonesword Key

Once you unlock the Roundtable Hold, you’ll have access to many NPCs and merchants.

A merchant named Finger Reader Enia will sell you 3 Stonesword Keys that will cost you 4000 runes each.

You’ll need to unlock Enia though. This is done by defeating Godrick and taking the Remembrance of Grafted to the Divine Tower.

East Limgrave Stonesword Key

You will find Stonesword Key along the road from the Gatefront. You’ll find it on a body.

West Limgrave Stonesword Key

Look to the Bridge of Sacrifices. Here, on a ballista, you’ll see a body that has the Stonesword key on it

Siofra River Stonesword Key

Move east from the River Bank and look for a spirit step. After Spirit Stepping, use Torrent to jump a nearby gap towards a body. This body holds a key.

East Mountaintops of the Giants Stonesword Key

Start moving from the White Ridge Road site of grace and you’ll come across a camp around the fort. You’ll find the key on a body located near the Fire Prelate.

Altus Plateau Stonesword Key

From the Grand Lift of Dectus, you’ll find a merchant near a Site of Grace that sells 3 keys for 4000 runes each.

Mt Gelmir Stonesword Key

Head to your west from the Bridge of Iniquity Site of Grace and move past the hanging bodies. You will find the key on a bridge with a huge pile of dead bodies.

Now head west from the first campsite of Grace to the camp where Siege Tower is located. Cross the pumpkin head at the far end and climb the rocks.

Move up to the ladder across the Grafted Scion. Now head left to climb another ladder near the Marionette Archers. This is where you’ll find a merchant who will sell you a key for 5000 runes.

Merchants That Sell Stonesword Keys

Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring are mainly found either through exploration or as a purchase from Merchants.

Nomadic Merchant#1

This Nomadic Merchant is found in the eastern part of the Weeping Peninsula. This merchant will sell x1 Stonesword Key for 2000 Runes.

Nomadic Merchant#2

This Nomadic Merchant is found at Mt. Gelmir. He will sell x1 Stonesword Key for 5000 Runes.

Nomadic Merchant#3

This Nomadic Merchant is found in South Caelid. He will sell x1 Stonesword Key for 4000 Runes.

Nomadic Merchant#4

This Nomadic Merchant is found in Siofra River. This merchant will sell x3 Stonesword Keys, each for 2000 Runes.

Nomadic Merchant#5

This Nomadic Merchant is found in the eastern Mountaintops of the Giants. This merchant will sell x3 Stonesword Keys, each for 5000 Runes.

Isolated Merchant

The Isolated Merchant is found in the western part of the Weeping Peninsula. This merchant will sell x3 Stonesword Keys, each for 2000 Runes.

Twin Maiden Husks

The Merchant is found at Roundtable Hold. She will sell x3 Stonesword Keys, each for 4000 Runes.


Defeat Patches at the Murkwater Cave and buy x1 Stonesword Key from him for 5000 Runes.

Best Places to Use Stonesword Keys in Elden Ring

Stormveil Castle

There are two areas in the Stormveil Castle that can be unlocked with the Stonesword Keys. The first area is a room near the Rampart Tower. However, inside the room, you’ll find two adversaries; therefore, be prepared to get attacked.

The room is really hard to find as it’s a secret part of the tower that interlinks with the area.

Simply head to the area where you fought Grafted Scion to find the door leading you to the room with an Iron Whetblade

The second area in the Stormveil Castle is found in the cellar room near the courtyard. Simply head straight to the castle courtyard and get ready to fight a bunch of enemies in the area.

Once the area is cleared, drop down to find a painting and on the left is where you’ll find a Godskin Prayerbook.

Summonwater Village

Defeat the boss near the Limgrave-Caelid border on Stormhill. Once defeated, explore the area till you find a ruined building with a connected basement with a door leading to a chest inside of which is a Green Turtle Talisman.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

Another place to visit after receiving the Stonesword Key is the Auriza Hero’s Grave. Visit the area to find multiple useful rewards such as a Crucible Axe Set, the Crucible Feather Talisman, the Vulgar Militia Ashes, and a Tree Sentinel armor (rewarded after destroy all chariots using the puzzle).

Night’s Sacred Ground

To find the Mimic Tear Ashes, visit the Night’s Sacred Ground in Nokron on the eastern side of the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

Once you’re inside the Mimic Tear Ashes Room, you’ll come across a chest which has a Mimic Tear Spirit Ash inside. This Ash is capable of taking the form of another character.

Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

At the Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, you’ll find Marika’s Soreseal Room. This room is quite complex to find. To find the room, you must head straight from the Prayer Room Site of Grace.

Past the knight and jump down to the right on a section that connects the bell tower. Now, head down the bell tower to the Erdtree Avatar. From the Avatar, jump down on the walkway to the right.

Continue jumping down till you reach the ground to find a door ahead.

Tombsward Catacombs

Visit Tombsward Catacombs to find a door leading you to the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [9], which summons spirits to attack and can also help in crafting Rancour Pot.

Weeping Evergoal

There are certain stone circles that allow you to summon a boss in Elden Ring. This area is situated at the eastern side of the Fourth Church of Marika. This location is called the Weeping Evergoal. You can fight the boss known as the Ancient Hero of Zamor to get rewarded with the Zamor Curved Sword and armor after defeating him.

Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

The Fringefolk Hero’s Grave should be on the bottom of your list if you’re looking forward to using your Stonesword Key since this area is extremely challenging and takes a lot of time to complete.

There’s a statue at the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave area. You’ll find it by following the path towards lift leading you to Limgrave, which is found after going through the ruins.

Once you find a Site of Grace, head right and find a white wall to break, breaking it will expose the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave dungeon area.

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