Elden Ring Divine Tower of Caelid Puzzle Solution

This guide tells you everything about the Divine Tower of Caelid Puzzle Solution in Elden Ring and the boss that awaits within.

If you have trouble scaling the Divine Tower of Caelid, worry not, as this guide tells you everything about the Divine Tower of Caelid Puzzle Solution in Elden Ring. We will also be helping you with the Godskin Apostle boss fight inside the tower.

How to Climb the Exterior of the Divine Tower of Caelid

You just have to scale the Divine Tower of Caelid, as fighting the boss is completely optional. There are two-part to solve the Divine Tower of Caelid puzzle in Elden Ring.

First, you have to ascend the tower’s exterior and then descend when you reach the interior. So let’s start with how you can scale the tower.

When you reach the tower, you have to jump onto the tree branches connected to the tower, and you will see a Ladder along with some fire and a soldier below on the ledge of the tower on the left side.

Kill the ladder guard and climb it to go up. Once you reach the second ledge, you have to follow the ledge on the left side of the tower, and you will find another guard. So again, kill the guard and move forward using the same technique you are following till now.

After going around the tower, you will find another ladder going up. Climb the ladder and enter the area on the left side.

How to Get in the Interior of the Divine Tower of Caelid

This is where you have to descend from the interior of the tower to complete the Divine Tower of Caelid puzzle. Now you have to follow the path downward.

You will encounter two guards after moving forward a bit. Kill them after that, you have to drop down on a platform below, which you can see on the right side where you encounter the guards.

After that, move on the ledge on the right side and go a little forward. Then again, jump onto the platform below. This time it will break, but don’t worry as the fall won’t be fatal.

You will be dropped onto a platform below. From there, again, go to the edge and drop on a platform below on the right side. Right after landing there, you will see a bright circular ledge.

Drop onto that and then again drop on the platform below it. Now jump onto the ledge ahead of it and then jump down on the ledge below.

From here, you can see that a soldier is guarding the switch to the elevator, and you have to kill the soldier to get the elevator down.

Jump onto the ledge in front of you and kill that soldier. After that, stand on the switch, and an elevator will come down.

Get into the elevator, and it will take you up. Now you can follow the path on the left, and here you have to kill a boss for moving forward.

After killing the boss, climb the ledge again and move forward so you can get on top of the platform you see below. Drop onto that platform, and it will break and take you further down.

Here stand on the switch, and an elevator will come that will take you right to the bottom of the tower. From here, you can take the stairs to go further down, and you will reach the Boss Room.

How to Defeat Godskin Apostle Boss

However, defeating that boss is completely optional, but we will tell you how you can defeat Godskin Apostle in the Divine Tower of Caelid.

This fight will have two phases, and he will be more dangerous in the second phase of the fight, just like any other boss in the Elden Ring. Therefore, you should be using light weapons against that boss, preferably a one-handed sword, so you can move quickly after attacking.

In the first phase of the fight, you can just jump and roll towards the Boss and land a few hits. So landing a few hits and then getting out of the way by rolling or jumping is the strategy to follow in the first phase of the fight.

In this second phase, the boss gets dangerous and vulnerable to attacks. You just have to get to his back after every attack and hit him and after that, get away from him.

You can run away from him while he is attacking and then quickly get to his back and deal some serious damage. Continue to follow this strategy, and you will defeat him with ease.

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